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Harness the Power of the Mythos - With The Hidden Ones

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The Hidden Ones have made treacherous sanctuary to the coastal towns and villages across the globe. These Servants of the Pantheon have vastly thrived and expanded due to their avid dishonesty, depict, deception, and their continuous efforts in interbreeding. Their deeply incorporated community is linked closely to the sea, and their worship to deities such as Dread Father Dagon, Deep Mother Hydra, and many other ancient divinities connected closely to their devotion. 

At a fast pace, the rise of populated, sterile cities has pushed the Hidden Ones further into desolation and solitude, where their communities gain the ability to become easily overlooked and unrecognized. More to the Hidden Ones advantage.

Regardless of their habitats within isolation, food is certainly not an issue. Looming close-by families prove to be beneficial to these ancient bloodlines, as their abilities to hide closely amongst the shadows ensures that their prey is restricted from escape. With the Shadow War unravelling, the Hidden Ones are wildly underestimated by their foes, which by the numbers they are growing: it is an overstep that their enemies will falter to. 

One particular isolated sea-skirted town is inhabited by the fair (but fishy) folk of Dunsmouth, Rhode Island, where authority is dictated by a putrid hag known as The Dunsmouth Witch. Soaked in wisdom of age, her origin is known to none, but she has resided in the disturbing and eerie town of Dunsmouth for over a century.

Sea Witch_FR.jpg

Hearsay from surrounding townspeople tell the tale of a young, fair-looking woman, in the midst of mourning her still-born son. She walked into the sea in hope of ending her relentless pain with a departure into instantaneous darkness.Yet the woman did not suffer for much longer... She returned embracing a baby boy: an offering provided by the Sunken Pantheon.

As the years passed, this son grew as strong as any man could, gained by the blessings of the deep made apparent beneath his rain-soaked sou’wester. Any threat to Dunsmouth is certainly sure to find the wrath of The Hidden Ones, to be greeted by The Dunsmouth Witch or her son, The Fisherman.


The Fisherman has the reputation of being an ill-natured, violent and savage man. His presence is always lurking, however he is never visually present in town unless the tide is high and death is incoming. It has been widely known that the phantom of The Fisherman is the last thing in sight of a victim, before brutal death comes to collect the sufferer at the malice of a baneful fish hook. 


Born with a human mother, but no evidence of humanity within his flesh-suit; The Angler is none short of a monstrosity. His nauseating-induced skin is lubricous to touch, and its gaze is disconcerting with its prodigious and protruding eyes that cease to remain open. The Angler’s croaking, baying voice, clearly used for articulate speech, holds all the dark shades of expression which its staring face lacks. The Angler is both a child of Dunsmouth and progenitor from the deep. A true Deep One. 


A true acolyte and devotee, Molly Malone is desperate and distressed to find saviour within the abyss. Molly’s lineage and bloodline are devout worshippers, and have served the Sunken Pantheon across the ages. Molly is the youngest amongst twelve siblings, and due to her family’s long-line of dedication to The Mother, The Father and expanded deities, she finds herself embedded in emotional turmoil, over her worthiness and the potential for her to bring honour and glory in the impending Shadow War. Her recruitment by the hands of the Dunsmouth Witch, gave her newfound faith in herself being personally sought out for pending important duties. The boost of confidence which she needed, to see her pure purpose in the world that surrounds her.

Click Clack_FR.jpg

The colossal crustacean primitive of the unlit caverns of the abyss, Click-Clack known to remain hidden clutching the to the belly of the town’s trawlers. The immense crab, Click-Clack, needs to be enticed from his dark and dreary dwellings for when The Hidden Ones are at the hands of peril. Here, the monstrosity resides, often he roams and wanders the nearby shores to banquet on his ideal catch until he returns into the Dunsmouth grounds to receive his call of the Dread and the Deep. 

The Hidden Ones Faction Set is available now, from Wayland Games and your FLGS, so be sure to find your closest store with our store locator.

Join the Shadow War with prowess and expertise to the terrain with the Hidden Ones.

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