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13 hours ago, murphy'slawofcombat said:

true but you can't do a targeted attack with torpedoes . I was thinking an attack with a boarding party and taking out life support.  a D6 role odds/ even.  odds the attack fails even it  is a success .  another role to determin how many of the crew is  down with the bug 

Well, unless you're attacking an organic ship, the organic crew would be the target of a bio weapon.  There is a huge difference between taking out the life support system and installing a plague.   As such, any weapons system that would be hitting crew would have a similar affect to that.  So, biohazard.  They don't have to necessarily be killed by biohazards, just incapacitated in some way.  This is generally one of the "get-bys" when dealing with the Wound system in 40K.  You may be hit, and even if you are Wounded, doesn't mean you're dead, just removed as a  member of the effective fighting force.

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that may be true but closed bulkheads will keep infrction small where an assault on lifesuport will insure all are infected . think about the time perioud don't you think a super bug could be made that would take hours not days to kill ?  the US  as well as all the major powers man of war are all compartmentized . during a fight all water tight bulkheads are closed. so to in space where explosive decompreshion would not only blow crew out into space would not some if not all your bio weapon ?  i know i may be splitting hairs here and your points are valid . i think delivery with a boarding party would be better .


your thoughts re welcome 

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Well, getting a boarding crew to carry something that would infect another ship would be a hard sell unless it totally wasn't going to work on them.

As it is, if you're going to assault life support, why bother with a slow* developing system when you can just trash it, which will have faster affects during an armed conflict.

If it was for a campaign system and they were planning on the crew making it out with their unknown virulent cargo, then it would be a good thing to do, but for something that would see effects in the average game, it just wouldn't pan out.

*By "slow" I mean with the average time a fight happens and slower than oxygen deprivation from a shattered life support system or a submitting just pure toxins in to the air of said ship.

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