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Firestorm Beta announced

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Some other stuff for those of you who don't facebook:

8th Faction is Stormzone Coalition, and it is essentially the Mercenary faction where every other league/alliance faction goes.  Can build a fleet composed of helixes from any of the coalition races, allowing you to mix Kedorian, Terquai, Tarakian, etc.

Stormzone Coalition is allied in order to stay on even power terms with the main factions, but that doesn't mean they have the same goals or even like each other.  Many internal power struggles.  Ryuushi still dislike the Kedorians and only remote in to their Coalition meetings since their city ships are used as sites for those. 

Each race within the Stormzone Coalition has different preferences for the main factions, meaning they will work with some main factions and not others.  A fleet from the 7 main factions can include 1 helix from a Stormzone Coalition race that will work for them.

All factions have Shields to some extent.  Shields are not dice based, so they are no longer like a save, but we do not know exactly how they are represented yet.

A'quan are now living ships that are born in space and feed on stellar matter, no longer having their aquatic species fluff or any crew.  Over time, A'quan collect material that they use to increase in size.  The young are fighters, the juveniles are equivalent of frigates, adults the equivalent of cruisers and other mediums, and Elders are equivalent of battleships/carriers.  Dreadnoughts are called Ancients.  Aesthetic is split between at least two types, the Vo'Narr and the Ce'Sara.  Ce'Sara Battleship design is essentially like the Poseidon-class, and the Vo'Narr Ancient is like the Medusa.

A'quan are the oldest of the races and have a line of though and culture that is beyond most other civilizations understanding.  This makes it hard to communicate with them; they are capable of having an exchange with the other races, its just that their perceptions of time and space, concepts like territory and family, etc. are so different that they have problems reaching a satisfying understanding.  Humans made the mistake of treating them like space whales to be hunted for generations, so as a result they will attack all Terran and Dindrenzi ships on sight.  Soryllians consider defeating them to be a major career booster so they are also not on good terms with them.

Relthoza no longer cloak.  They are doubling down on nanotechnology self repair and space folding/shunt.  Each individual Relthoza helix can select from one of several ruleset themes based on their ability to do a trick with their hull or the space around them.  We don't know what the Relthoza tricks are yet.

Veydreth are the main cloaking race now.

Classic Terran Alliance is a sub theme of the Terran Directorate, called Kurak Engineering.  Classic Directorate is a sub theme as well, called Sabulon Systems.

Rense System Navy is a sub theme of Dindrenzi, unsurprisingly. 

Long term plans for the Firestorm universe currently only involve Armada.  There are currently no plans considered for Planetfall at this time.

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