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Firestorm Beta announced

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55 minutes ago, Brimat said:

Those sorylian ships look sweet, now i am tempted to update my fleet. :)  

Why update, when you can expand? :D
Unfortunately so far I prefer the more grounded versions, but if I know myself well enough, my
opinion will change after I see the models in person :)

Until that time, I'm waiting for the 6th of May.

I wonder if the date is intentionally that close to may the 4th........ :

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Its good to finally see the Firestorm universe brought back. I'm ready for rampant  and mostly baseless speculation about the future :D.

Does the new and prominent Veydreth designs indicate that they will have a more prominent role in the future of firestorm? I could see them becoming the backbone of a new consolidated faction of former minor races, as part of a move towards the new free for all setup of the background.

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To be fair, what comes out on the model does not always match what is presented in such previews.  Still, I had to double check that they were Veydreth.  These designs do not really match their older designs.  The older ones seemed bulky (in a good way) to hold the "star dragons" while these seem from another race entirely.

Of course time may have moved on.  One couldn't take the Sopwith Camels of WW1 and really compare them to the Harrier jets of more modern day.  Or how about the ships of the line 200 years ago versus the warships of today?  They may be incorporating more Relthozan and Oroshan tech in their ships.  It would make for an interesting story, at least.

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I am hoping that covid19 does not interfear with the beta test . although in my case it just might i have no one here in Pa who is interested in Firestorm . and the only game store is in Harrisburg . It is closed till further notice. I am hoping that things will clear before then so I can get up there and get things going .  

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My nearest shop just posted saying they aren't even sure how much they will open, even if the governor decides to go full clearance.  They did a slow close where they shut down the game room and the hobby room, but leaving the shop area open.  Then they did just curb-side service till full shut-down, then they arranged for online gift certificates for the meanwhile.  They are talking about doing a reversal of the previous, with curb-side service, after installing some anti-bug measures.

As it is, only a couple counties have been hit hard in my state (Arizona has a whole lot of empty space with very few people living there), leaving the metropolises the ones that are any real concern.  Downside is that I live on the outskirts of the largest one.  :unsure:

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If you are looking for some Firestorm Armada content to tide yourself over until the Beta, join the Black Ocean Facebook group. Stuart is dropping tidbits of info like a broken faucet over there. A few teasers:

  • 8 Factions include the Terran Directorate, Sorylians, Relthoza, Dindrenzi, Veydreth, Bakash, and presumedly the Aquans. No word on our mysterious 8th faction
  • Ships have 6 Arcs of Fire!?!
  • The Terran Directorate seem to have absorbed most of the human factions, including the Syndicate
  • The Veydreth homeworld is Oroshon
  • Apparently Energy Shields don't work on Kinetic Weapon
  • Mines are not a big thing in the Storm Zone

And I am sure there is more I don't recall.

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It's going to be hex!?!  



I am NOT going out and buying hex map mats, or drawing all over my starfield table cloths!

Edit:  Just remembered having to re-base over 300+ models with hex bases now too.  NOT!

This proves it, Firestorm is still following the good/bad/good/bad edition pattern.  v1.0 Good, v1.5 Bad, v2.0 Good, v3 Bad.


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Actually, we're on the good side of that cycle.

v1 Good

v1.5 Bad

v2 Good

Spartan v3 Bad

WC v3 Good...?

Seriously though, they have never said that they were going to do a hex map.  That's conjecture from someone with a pretty big axe to grind, so I wouldn't take those statements as nearing reality.  For the hex bases, yeah, I can see that is an expense.  Let's see how it's implemented before freaking out too much.

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