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New player rules questions

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Ok,  so it seems a lot of rules have changed from previous versions to what I see now as the newest version (1.09)

Because of this,  there's alot of explanations to rules that simply don't make sense anymore 

Some that have left me confused are as follows :

mettle + tough : it seems most characters/bosses have mettle.  Ok that makes sense,  don't want a random lucky die roll greasing your theme in one shot.  Mettle now states,  if you fail your grot check,  you become disordered instead of wounded.   My problem is,  there seems to be alot of things like posse special advantages or whatnot that also grant Tough to characters.   Which sounds good at first (and probably was in a previous edition)  but now reading tough as "when you fail a grit check you become stunned instead of wounded" that's great...  Unless you already have mettle,  in which case tough is now a detriment to you because now when you fail a grit check you get disordered AND stunned... Instead of wounded.  

Edit:  This has been clarified now, please ignore the ramblings of a newbie ;)

second question,  completely unrelated.  

i don't see any rules regarding stacking bonuses.  For example if I have two charge sergeants both within range of two union hands do their "+1 to grit " bonuses stack for a total of +2? Does this also stack with a "+1 to grit" from a different rule such as shoulder to shoulder?  If so would the total bonus now be +3, or only +2 if bonuses only stack from separate sources,  or only +1 if bonuses don't stack and I'm just having lots of options to get my +1 from?  

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