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Warcradle Studios Diary #18

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Bill:  You know how to play, Rufus?   Rufus:  I play a little.

Bill: You know how to play, Rufus?
Rufus: I play a little.

As we hurtle full speed into the holiday season, I thought I would take some time out from playtesting secret projects, to bring you up to date on the latest information about our upcoming most bodacious Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time boardgame.

Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players, with each player taking on the role of a Wyld Stallyns band member. Something most heinous has happened to time and Personages of Historical Significance (such as Billy the Kid or Socrates) have become scattered in the wrong points of history. Throughout the game, players will be required to locate these displaced personages and return them to their correct time periods - closing any time rifts they find there. At the end of each turn, time cracks a little bit more and the biggest rift, that just happens to be in San Dimas, opens wider with dire consequences to the players.

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