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Available To Buy - Fog & Friction: Western Front

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Calling all civilians. Fog & Friction: Western Front is officially available to buy. That’s right, you can buy your very own copy of this exciting new World War Two themed card game. 

The demos of it at Tabletop Gaming Live and Spiel this year have already proved popular, and now is your chance to play the lively and fast-paced game for yourself. 

Fog & Friction: Western Front is focused around the use of combined arms and the unpredictable nature of warfare. This is your opportunity to try something different, so be sure to give it a go with your gaming friends. 

Check out the WW2 themed game box.

Check out the WW2 themed game box.

One of the best features of this new game is that it is inclusive. If you’re a historical gaming newcomer then perfect, the rules are simple enough for you to pick up quickly. If you’re a seasoned veteran then fear not, Fog & Friction: Western Front also has enough depth and replay value for you to really sink your teeth into. It will be suitable for a whole range of people.

Take on the role of an Axis or Allied commander and lead campaigns across multiple battlefields, all inspired by real historical locations from World War Two. Finished your first game? No problem. The expansion pack included allows players to expand and customise their decks, giving each commander control over the forces they bring to battle. Play it multiple times and try a different combination of forces to see which one leads you to victory. 

See what’s in store for you inside the box

See what’s in store for you inside the box

This amazing game serves as the perfect base for future expansions, meaning you could be playing this game for years to come yet. 

Fog & Friction: Western Front is here, be one of the first to get your hands on this incredible new game - available to order online at Wayland Games and from your FLGS.

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