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Another fight on Uncharted Seas

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So I got my Ralgard to the table for the first time in earnest - so a starter fleet including a Master tactician, plus one Balloon with tugs and two heavy cruisers with drilled crews vs an Elven starter fleet with 4 destroyers (proxied by assault ships) and a pair of SkyPirate Sabre mercenaries.

Went badly for the elves as they turned away too early giving the Ralgard a chance to turn as well....the elven battleship took out frigates and the heavy cruisers but they took out the elven cruisers in the process and elven frigates, even in numbers cannot take on Ralgard battleships as was attempted. Elven destroyers are however a messy thing to deal with. The aerial duel was quite quiet.

Carnage is present all over :) but victory went to the Ralgard….but the points weren't as far apart as might be thought because despite losing more ships they captured two heavy cruisers and a couple of frigates.

There is a first look at my first SkyPirate ships here too.




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