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Could the Dystopian Age be more Victorian?

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I understand that Outlaw and Warcradle aren't trying to build a Historical or Alt-Historical game but to my mind its tended to draw upon more recent cultural references and 'steampunkify' them, or some more Americanised references that don't make that much sense for the setting.  I'm not suggesting these references need to be removed, but the setting would be enriched by delving more into both contemporary Victoriana and Victorian Science Fiction.  

For example the British Infantry of LWX draw a lot from the 18th century of the American Revolutionary war but with a Pith Helmet, rather than say Zulu or the Crimean.  It would fit the setting better and also evoke popular culture of the Film Zulu or similar.

In terms of characters I'm surprised that Warcradle have steered away from a consulting detective or explorer detachment.  Quartermain is out of IP as a big game hunter.  HG Wells Food of the Gods would be great as an excuse to have giants which would be different.  

With the Vault being Alien a Barsoom or the Cosmic trilogy of CS Lewis themed lists would be fun with some very different looking aliens.  Also a Selenite war force.  

Jules Verne provides examples beyond the Nautilus of adventurers from Phileas Fogg, and the hollow earth that does seem to inspire Warcradle's vision for the Antarctic.  


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