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Wild West Exodus: October Pre-Orders

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In the name of Science!

Introducing new eccentric misfits and a GIANT serpent.


The long-awaited Soul Hunters and Legendary Opie: Creation VIII are now available to pre-order - let's take a look at the miniatures.

Warwick Hudson, the leader of the Soul Hunters, is confident in his belief that all things can be explained by applying the scientific method. Convinced that the reports of strange and mysterious happenings from the untamed lands in the “Wild West” and the interior of Antarctica are wildly exaggerated or simply misunderstood, Hudson and his Soul Hunters are venturing forth to follow up reports of ‘spectral etherics’ around the globe, armed with an array of esoteric and highly experimental weaponry.

The Soul Hunters are not only the first Detachment for Lost World Exodus but they can also be taken as an Enlightened Posse for Wild West Exodus!

Pre-order Soul Hunters from today.

Legendary Opie: Creation VIII is a new ferocious creature for the Hex - a giant armoured serpent so large he’s capable of swallowing even Nazombu whole…

Creation VIII remains the first and greatest of its kind. At his mistresses command, Opie is unleashed against her enemies, entertaining the Nazombu Queen as she listens to the victim’s bones crunching as they are slowly crushed and digested within the Titanoboa.

All of next month’s releases are available to pre-order online now and from your FLGS - to be released on the 26th October 2019.

Legendary Opie: Creation VIII


When Marie Laveau first brought her beloved titanoboa, Opie, to the fleshcrafter Augusta Byron, the aim was to save the creature's life. Having been mortally wounded in a clash with Dylan Callus, this rare creature now lay dying on Byron's surgical table. Such an unusual biology caused Byron to relish the task ahead of her. She laboured long into the night, pausing mid-procedure only to replace one of her own hands when the confused and poorly sedated serpent lashed out and severed it.

As the surgery entered its second evening, Byron was satisfied that not only would Creation VIII live, but that the improvements made would substantially increase the creature's strength, speed and resilience.

Read the full description here.


Price: £28.00

Soul Hunters Detachment

Soul Hunters Group FR.jpg

Warwick Hudson, leads all manner of discussions and theorising into matters ephemeral and improbable. Like the club's founders, Hudson believes that all things can be explained by applying the scientific method. He maintains that they are in an age of Industrial 'super-science' and that any reports of strange and mysterious happenings from the "Wild West" of America or the "Lost World" of Antarctica are simply exaggerated or misunderstood by unreliable witnesses.

As a Peer of the Covenant in his own right. Hudson and his Soul Hunters (as the lurid press would daub them) follow up reports of 'spectral etherics' around the globe. Major expeditions are underway to both the Badlands of the Union as well as the Antarctic interior.

Read the full description here.

Price: £35.00


Released at Spiel 2019!

We’ll be attending Spiel '19 for the best four days of gaming that Germany has to offer.

If you’re heading to the Messe Essen too, you’ll be able to pick up October releases and more from Booth 6I102 - see you there!

Check out our Spiel announcement blog for more information about our Booth and how you can stay up-to-date - you’ll find the blog here.






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