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Fleets ahoy

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To take another step on Uncharted Seas visibility

After some  time collecting and some heavy eBaying, Im slowly approaching my goal of approx. 1000points for each faction. Sadly not a peep on the Sky Pirates front...

So here is my own Spithead review...…

First up - Orcs

Battleship, 3 Cruisers and 6 Frigates from a starter set, 2 extra cruisers, 3 destroyers, Battlecruiser and Assault Cruiser


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Well there will be more pictures soon I hope - I've eBayed up me an Elder Dragon, 2 invokers, a Beacon Platform, a Ripper Sub, 2 darkness cruisers, 3 adept destroyers,, a Pounder Tower, a Massacre Trollship, 6 Pyre frigates, 2 Foundry Heavy Cruisers, Bellows airship, 2 Vulture heavy cruisers and 2 sabre Sky Pirate attackships....

Some came painted - a couple I have touched up a little to suit my paint schemes but most have to be painted and woe is me- I just ran out of black spray....typical.

I think Im becoming an eBay and Webshops in strange places junkie.....

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Next the Shroud Mages get 3 Adept Destroyers, a brace of Darkness cruisers sporting a weird purple/green wash, a Ripper sub that came painted and has only a copper retouching in places, plus a Beacon class floating Platform. So I have at least one of all their ships now 


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