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Warcradle Scenics: September Pre-Orders

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Welcome to the Funland.


Fighting in Arkham, Malifaux or even The Other Side? The Funland terrain would make a perfect addition to any of these games. This range of 28/32mm scale terrain has everything you need to complete an entire tabletop Funland.

If you want one big coaster you can always combine multiple Roller Coaster kits to really give the customers a fright, or use one kit to make multiple smaller elements.

You can fence off parts of the Park, add an entrance, and add a couple of mini-games to your miniatures game allowing you to build funtastic tables and enjoy all the fun of the fair!


Funland Rollercoaster

Funland Roller Coaster

The Rollercoaster contains

  • 1x Funland Rollercoaster

  • 3x Carts

  • 1x Ticketbooth/Archway


Price: £25.00


Funland Ferris Wheel

Funland Ferris wheel

Ferris Wheel Kit Contains:

  • 1x Funland Ferris Wheel 

  • 6x Carriages


Price: £18.00


Funland Entrance

Funland Enterance

Funland Entrance Contains:

  • 1x Entrance Archway

  • 1x Bin

  • 1x Small Carnival Game


Price: £5.00


Funland Stalls

Funland Stalls

The Funland Stalls Contains:

  • 1x Cotton Candy Stall

  • 1x Hotdog Stall

  • 1x Ticket Booth

  • 1x Fortune Teller Booth


Price: £8.00


Funland Fencing

Funland Fencing

The Funland Fencing Contains:

  • 9 Fences including,

    • 2 Clown Faces

    • 2 Funland Signs

    • 12x Fence Bases

  • 2x Bins

  • 1x Test of Strength Carnival Game

  • 1x Hammer


Price: £5.00




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