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Posse boxes point values overview - 1.09

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Please help me to create point values overview of all posse boxes, 1.09 edition. No upgrades, just respect miniature itself. For example in Tribal Retribution Starter contains "1x Brave with Gatling Gun", so add cost for gatling gun for this miniature to overall cost of the posse. I started with my posse, Dixie Ressurection, which is 620 points. Add values in comments, I will update the overview regularly.

1        Absolute Power Posse                770 points
2        Amber Clade Posse                      555 points
3        Armoured Justice Posse                470 points
4        Confederate Rebellion Posse        495 points
5        Dark Nation Posse                                 635 points
6        Death from Above Posse                  500 points
7        Discordant Symphony Posse            430 points
8        Divine Intervention Posse                   720 points
9        Dixie Resurrection Posse                      620 points
10        Faithful of Castilla Posse                  465 points
11        Father of the Enlightened Posse      445 points
12        Forlorn Hope Posse                                  790 points
13        Galvanic Mysteries Posse                    570 points
14        Hour of the Wolf Posse                          605 points
15        Infernal Investigations Posse             855 points
16        No Surrender! Posse                            642 points
17        Portal Vanguard Posse                    695 points
18        Ranger Showboat Posse                 720 points
19        Secret Service Posse                          810 points
20        Tainted Biology Posse                    545 points
21        The Bloody Espinosas Posse     640 points
22        The Conquistadores Posse        640 points
23        The Cowboys Posse                    695 points
24        The Deadly Seven Posse       915 points
25        The Golden Army Posse         655 points
26        The Regulators Posse               700 points

27        The Wayward Eight Posse          865 points
28        Tribal Retribution Posse              580 points (Kaga Brothers)
29       Viridian Clade Posse      630 points

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Confirming some of the posse sets with question marks. I'm a teacher so I'm showing my work. 

Discordant Symphony Posse            430 points

  • 1x Thomas Edeson (165 points)
  • 1x Mina Edeson (110 points)
  • 2x K9 Gun Dogs with Phonic Blasters (2x (35 points dog + 5 points  for Phonic Blasters))  (80 points)
  • 3x Phonic Creations (75 points)
    = 430 points.
    [Note: Special Posse rule is to allow Gun Dogs phonic Blasters for only +5 points/each]

Father of the Enlightened Posse      445 points

  • 1x Bursen Carpathian (165 points)
  • 1x Harmony Ratchet (70 points)
  • 1x John Younger (110 points)
  • 2x Brutes (2x (50 points brute)) (100 points)
    = 445 points

 Secret Service Posse              810 points

  • 1x Abraham Lincoln (175 points)
  • 1x Robert Pinkerton (120 points)
  • 1x Lucinda Loveless (115 points)
  • 1x Camilla Blanche (85 points)
  • 1x Henry Courtwright (100 points)
  • 1x Milo Jefferson (115 points)
  • 1x Leah Kingston (100 points)
    =810 points

The Wayward Eight Posse          865 points

  • 1x Marcus Wayward (160 points)
  • 1x Zarelda Kincade  (110 points)
  • 1x Hicks Kincade (90 points)
  • 1x Jake Matia (115 points)
  • 1x Flowing River (125 points)
  • 1x Sun Totem (60 points)
  • 1x Sierra Icarus (110 points)
  • 1x Kay Free (95 points)
    =865 points

Tribal Retribution Posse              580 points 

  • 1x Walks Looking (160 points)
  • 1x White Buffalo (100 points)
  • 1x Ravenseye (100 points)
  • 1x Littleclaw (85 points)
  • 2x Brave with Plainswalker Crossbow (2x (40 points)) (80 points)
  • 1x Brave with Gatling Gun (40 points + 15 points) (55 points)
    = 580 points

    [Note: Braves with Crossbows and Gatling are being valued as non-Beast Support unit. I think for someone to total it lower would be to value models as a hands unit, however, if that is done the models will not be holding the correct weapons since the Plainswalker Crossbow and Gatling Gun are both faction armory upgrades. There are three (of four) Warrior Nation hand options that can upgrade 1 weapon in the unit... two units that can upgrade 2 in the unit is at maxium which 3 models doesn't get close.]

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