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I rather disagree.  One of the reasons to board a ship is to capture it.  How much setup is required and how much it is worth in the end are the real questions. 

Obviously a Battleship should be able to handle capturing  individual Tier 2 & 3 ships quite handily, but having dedicated boarding ships, like some of the Assault Cruisers or Directorate Drones, on hand to handle things with more crew capacity, like a Space Station or aforementioned Battleship, should be a necessity.  In other words, your fleet should be built with boarding in mind in order to making capture an effective strategy.

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On 10/29/2019 at 8:48 PM, Toxic_Rat said:

Sorry, I should have been more clear in my post.  I don't think boarding should allow for capture of ships.  

Oh, that part was perfectly clear.  Again, I disagree because one of the more common reasons to board a ship is to capture it. 

You could be a pirate, or a dark lord commanding a battleship chasing a corvette to the back end of nowhere (that looks WAY too much like your old home where your mom died) that just happened to be carrying the ultra-top secret plans to the latest weapon system.  But unless you're Chief that is the Master of Spec Ops, you won't actually be able to properly control it after depopulating it, so you need a well trained crew to help you out.

Don't get me wrong, just using an Illudium 238 Space Modulator is far more efficient, but there are times you need a hull to take somewhere else for things like espionage and research, and sometimes you need a good new batch of slaves to work for your Really Dark Ops Raptor Group.

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I think it's important to give factions specialisms to give them character.  My biggest complaint with NuDWars is how there isn't that diversity of specialisms and things have been ground down.  Therefore having certain factions that for fluff and fun reasons have specialist boarding crews that can shuttle, assault pod or teleport on board and cripple or capture enemy vessels has an appeal.  However, even a faction that generally doesn't do boarding could have access to either an elite vessel or specialist commando carrier that gives them the capability or a list that represents privateers or special forces along with narrative scenarios.  It shouldn't be the be all or end all, and relies on tricks to weaken an enemy first but it should be part of your bag of tricks. 

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On 10/20/2019 at 6:18 PM, Overread said:

I think casting technology/skills have shifted. Early Spartan stuff was VERY spartan in design. Look at some early stuff like the old Dragonlords ships from Uncharted Seas and they were, honestly very boring ships for the most part. The hulls were very plain with, whilst good plank details, not much really going on. Now as they developed and grew we saw big strides on how they could achieve new things with new methods. Their designs got more gaudy and more ostentatious steadily. I think we saw it starting to happen with the newer fleets, whilst older ones retained their original design ethos. 

Warcradle is clearly starting from a higher initial point of casting skill and technology so I think they get to put that more showy design into more of the core forces right from the launch. 

For me I'll be interested to see how WC handles army variety, army size and also supermachines. I loved many of the bigger machine designs from Spartan so seeing them from WC will be very interesting. 


So far the only WC choice I dislike is the change in scale of the ground game and the resulting removal of land assets from the sea game. Though I can see some logic in that - Spartan did have some issues balancing ships (which traditionally are very heavily armed) with regular tanks on the ground at times. And you could also see that some of the land and sea ships were mirrors of each other. Though I think the greatest loss is that the scale change means we won't see supersized land units appear in the game. We won't get thundering rolling mobile airfields, though we will at least get flying ones. Still we've not seen anything on that beyond the proposed ideas made a year or more back so things could always change and betewen the sea game; the legions (28mm) and then bringing back others like Firestorm - there's a LOT to keep WC busy before they have to commit to design choices on support/side games. 

You are right, technology allows to increase the detail of the models. Spartan's designs improved over time.

I see a lot of work in the Warcradle´s new models. I value that, but it is so much baroque for me.

A more sober work can be good. Look at these models at the end of Saprtan (I think they are simply perfect):


AP Torpedo Destroyer.png

Destructor Ligero Dindrenzi.jpg

Destructor Ligero DRelthoza.jpg

Destructor Ligero Sorylian.jpg

Heavy Carrier Sorylian.jpg

Pirate - Heart of the Stars.jpg

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