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Wild West Exodus: June Pre-orders

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Forces are Gathering in Wild West Exodus…

Are you ready? We certainly are.

With TWO new Posse sets and a drop-dead gorgeous terrain piece on the way, it’s time for us to showcase this months pre-orders and for you to tell us what you think of them. Without further ado…


Next month sees the arrival of a third Posse for Warrior Nation and the first aerial sentries in Wild West Exodus. Lead by Alcon; the Tireless, Oath Keeper and Vengeful are all joining their father in the fight to save humanity, reaping Death from Above.

You’ll find out how Alcons’ daughters got their nicknames later, for now, you need to know that they’re not the only ones soaring in from above, oh no.

The Amber Alpha, Jocasta, will be returning to Earth too. Protected by bodyguard from the Vermilion Clade and myriad of Grey Elites, these extraterrestrials all belong to the new Posse set for the Watchers - Amber Clade.

And finally, a drop-dead gorgeous terrain piece that will take your breath away, the Red Oak Crematorium!

Some of you may have seen this building on display at our booth during Salute 2019 but what you didn’t know is that this is the first Red Oak building to include a fully detailed interior - oh yes, we listened.

You can pre-order the new Posses, Death from Above and Amber Clade, and the Red Oak Crematorium online now and from your FLGS - to be released on the 29th June 2019.

Death from Above Posse


Death from Above Posse

Death from Above - Alcon Death from Above - Tiponi
Death from Above - Ahota Death from Above - Manaba


It is a long and taxing process for a Spirit Walker to physically transform their body. For those who have a capricious creature such as a hawk or snake for a companion spirit, the process is even more difficult. With their gift of flight, Alcon and his daughters are excellent scouts and a boon to the Warrior Nation.


Shortly after his first Spirit Walk, Alcon would soar above the Union outposts that were scattered through the tribal lands. In his youthful exuberance, he became brash and began to taunt the troops by flying ever closer to them. That particular stunt was his undoing as Bernard Hopkins, a keen-eyed rifleman, clipped his wings and sent him plummeting earthwards into the heart of a Union camp. Alcon was captured and imprisoned, kept in chains so that even after his wound had healed he was unable to take flight. He was beaten, interrogated and treated as a little more than a bird-freak by the Union troops. Eventually, he simply longed for death, not even the possibility of returning to his wife, son and three young daughters was enough to keep hope alive in his heart. His rescue by his friend Cloud Runner after weeks of searching for him, forged a life debt he can never repay.

Read the full description here.

Price: £35.00

Amber Clade Posse

amber-clade-posse-wild-west-exodus.jpg Amber Clade Posse - Watchers
Amber Clade - Vermillion - Watchers Amber Clade - Amber Alpha - Watchers Amber Clade - Grey Elite - Watchers


When the Watcher Hegemony arrives at a world they watch and assess the native sentient species to ascertain their compatibility with the wider galaxy. The same was true when they arrived at Earth. During their examination of a city and its human subjects, they discovered the huge untapped potential in the mental abilities of the species with only a small fraction of their brains used to control their bodies and store memories. Though they were forced to destroy the city, known as Atlantea, due to contamination by the Order, one of the human subjects was kept for further study. In their subsequent studies, they discovered humans have the potential within them for huge psionic manipulation. Though these skills lay dormant for almost all of the population, a few genetic lines are able to unlock the potential of their capabilities and harness energies to form objects through telekinesis or even change their physical shape.


Read the full description here.

Price: £35.00

Red Oak Crematorium

red-oak-crematorium-wild-west-exodus.jpg Red Oak Crematorium - Scenery
Red Oak Crematorium - Scenery Red Oak Crematorium - Scenery
Red Oak Crematorium - Scenery Red Oak Crematorium - Terrain


Over recent years the profession of Undertaker has seen a significant increase in Red Oak. With all the conflicts in and around the town, the body count is rising steeply and the Crematorium furnace is ever lit.


This building is a fine addition to your Red Oak terrain collection and the first Wild West Exodus building to include a fully detailed interior.

Price: £30.00

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