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Project Insanity

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I have been a silent member of the group for a while now, and have been a fan of all things Dystopian and Spartan games since the beginning.

Now that 3.0 is upon us, I decided to make a big old table with some mass armies on them to show my dedication and also my love of the models of Dystopian wars.

I call this "Project Insanity".
The target is to finish a table and paint all the minis needed for it by the start of november 2019, so we can take the table to the Crisis show in Antwerp.

In the pictures you will see only the land forces for the moment, but the table will have an equal amount of land/air/sea forces.
All land forces have been cleaned, glued to bases and sanded, in preparation for undercoating.

Size of the table has been set at 5m. on 1m80.

I post this, because this makes the process easier for me and because I want to bore you with my "illness" 1f609.png;)

Also included is one picture of 2 test tanks to show to what quality I want to have them painted.

I wish thee all a good week and lots of painting/gaming!










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