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Warrior Nations Boss Discussion

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Greetings all!

I was thinking about the various Bosses in faction (all 4 separate characters!). I have only used regular Walks Looking, and I love her model, and what little fluff she has. She seems like a combat monster, but I can never seem to leverage that. At the moment she seems like a fortune battery that camps behind a building or immediately gets shot to death by deity- forsaken Interceptors.

I accidentally used Legendary Walks Looking one day, and my lord did she get work done! But cheating is so overrated. 

What are people's experiences with our faction Bosses?

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Careful, Threatnecro incoming XD Since I didn't play that much games with the Bosses from the Warrior Nation I ain't got that much experience with them.  So it is just my rumbling along my thoughts.

- Walks Looking. I only own the basic version. Not the Legendary. But she gets the job done. Also with the 1.09 update on the legendary one.  It is amazing. I can play her in the Hour of the Wolf. That will be nasty!!! She gets shrouded, that will be a huge bonus!

- Ghost Wolf. The legendary one is a beast in melee. Everything he looks at got a huge problem. But sadly with the Theme Posse you won't  get that many Hunting Wolves or Spirit Walkers. The normal one is more of a support. His posse helps you to deliver your big hitters. And you are able to take more of them. Win-Win.

- Raven Spirit. I really enjoy him. He is a beast. Good supportive abilites, hugh Fortune pool und good weapons. He is all about bringing more Spirits on the field. That is an amazing ability?

- Alcon. Well... the flying circus. It sounds like so much fun. It emphazies hit-and-run tactics. And also probably the nicest models in the range. I mean those huge birds. What is not to love.

So the other ones I don't know about. But every of our Bosses got a really different playstile. I am having a difficult time to decide what to play^^

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