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A Spartan Video on how to play V3.0 when the rules are set

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The Beta testing for Firestorm won't start until the Beta testing for Dystopian Wars ends and there is likely to be some lag time between the two events so it won't be an instant cross over. It's also going to be an open beta just like the Dystopian Wars one is so you should have no trouble getting access to the information to download it. 


Sadly the transfer from Spartan to Wayland hasn't been perfectly smooth and Wayland have decided to also use this moment to do a lot of redesign and updating of the games which is slowing the return to market. Dystopian Wars is first with Firestorm Armada appearing to be coming up second. 

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Far as I recall we don't have a specific time-frame as yet. There's hazy estimations and most are expecting Dystopian Wars to be out this year - if we assume that from the end of Beta to print ready rule books there's going to be a few months then you can at least expect the Beta to end by mid-year if not before or very soon after (otherwise the yare fast running out of 2019!) Though of course with any major project delays can happen. Hopefully the next update video will have some more firm estimations of dates. 

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Just feel sorry for DWars land fans and UCS fans who had their hopes raised with art but are going to be a bit of a way off.  I wouldn't rush out and get anything sorted just yet.  The DWars Beta still needs to get units differentiation sorted, legacy stats for existing models, actual models in a shape they are happy to release, fluff that is acceptable top both DWars and WWX, Army building tested, convince us about proprietary dice.  

Firestorm also has the added problem that WC want to do something radical by adding in some gravity and 3D mechanics that would mean more than polishing or simplifying Spartan's rules set ala DWars.

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Theres a wonderful Stuart quote from the facebook page, I cant remember it exactly but its along the lines of trying to make sure Firestorm 3.0 is NOT a space version of dystopian wars, its a fair bet we will see little until the end of this year but you can look at how Warcradle handles WWX and DW and draw your own conclusions for Firestorm.

I'm optimistic so long as WC Stuart keeps posting those honeyed words every time someone has a question on Facebook.

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