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Sorylian re-stat

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So in my continued adventure to better balance 2.0 with home rules, I have turned my attention to the sorylian, which are...close, but a tad on the bland and bad side if the game, pair this with aquans being superior, and I ask what you think of the following house rules

Aquan ship movement values are all decreased by 1 inch

Sorylian movement values all increase by 1 inch


This makes sorylian the fastest faction, and aquans the second fastest faction in Firestorm (before the aquans buy movement upgrades)


Next, all sorylian tier 1's gain retractable plating on the port/starboard guns

(This will help durability on approach, and while some may complain it steps on ba-kash toes, that is a side faction, this is a core faction, they should get a toy or too, and the veydretu don't really add any toys besides mines, also adds to the "over-engineered" thing



This one is more complicated, but changing the split fire marshal, so that it could split into LINKED values, rather them cut in half or thirds,

example, rather the a 12AD weapon, being able to shoot 2 shots of 6, or 3 of 4 (who would?)

A 12 AD weapon could split it's shot into 2 shots of 8, or 3 shots of 6

Or an 18AD weapon shooting 2 shots of 12 or 3 of 9

Rather then the old 2 shots of 9 or 3 of 6

While.complicated, my group doesn't shy from math, and this makes split fire an interesting choice/Mar, rather then the trap option it currently is,

since this is utilized on sorylian tier 1s these shops will be better able to brawl with not just multiple frigates well (cause that has little impact) but actually increases their threat vs tier 2 (which is quite relevant) without making them really any better at killing tier 1



What do you all think?


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I am honest, i never had any problems with my Soryllians. :)

...but this speed change would be interesting to test...if i find another player.

The only odd Tier1 for me is the Dreadnought, only relying on Primary Weapons, and not having the speed to hunt Tier 3's. Also the Wing Capacity is kind of odd, giving them only the option for Interceptors (efficency wise).

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And let's face it, who needs a dreadnought to hunt frigates?

These changes would allow split fire to be used to shoot at a couple of cruisers with the sorylian dreadnought :)


and while sorylians. May not be terrible, they may even be average, there is simply very little speacial about them

there fast, but aquans are faster

theh can board, but usually the relthoza, and directorate have tools to do it better

the main defining feature is scatter weapons, which has relatively low impact

The main advantage they have is battelog manipulation due to large squad sizes, hut even aquans can pull this off.


The changes above won't massively inrease the factions power, it's mostly quality of life, and adding more to define them.

Retractable plating will help protect their admiral on approach (giving it for free, as few agree the sorylian tier 1s are a bit pricey for what you get, and there isn't ba good option for the admiral to start on the board with)

The speed isn't help them close, and allow them to claim they are the fastest (some aqaun ships will still be faster as they can buy movement upgrades)

And split fire was a Mar that I have wanted to see changed for awhile now, and helps a few non-sorylian ships as well, but it's main benefit is the sorylian tier ones can now hash out more dice against grouped enemies, seems fitting



I could use some advice though, the sorylian battlestation, I can't give all the weapon systems retractable plating, so what should I do? 

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I looked at boarding, but I ran into a couple balance issues, since they have access to a fax that gives them +1 to hit, I can't give them speacial forces, other wise they would hit on 2,3,4,5, and 6 and when you look at those heavy cruisers, a squad of 4 could drop a 20 AP boarding assualt, it's a bit excessive

Giving them cyber would be difficult to balance, which leaves biohazard as perhaps the best option, but directorate and relthoza can already get biohazard, if sorylians get it too, terrans are going to rage :D



but im open to suggestions :)

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As Boarding is a one-shot-weapon, there is no reason not to make it a good and effective tool. 

In the example above, you get the 20AP to board only one ship. with the luck of the dice you will board a T2, as a standard T1 should give at least you 10 defence dice in return (when not shot to pieces before the assault) .

My best suggestion would be to give them Second Assault. :)

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I have always advocated for straight swapping the Movement Values for Sorylians and Aquans.  Aquans don’t need to be fast at all; they have a high DR and are very maneuverable, plus 360 firing.  Sorylians aren’t particularly tough, really, and have no forward firepower... they need speed to close the distance.

The +1/-1 generally does this.  Since FSA is primarily movement and positioning, even a small change like this can have a large impact on gameplay.  I wouldn’t make any other stat adjustments until this is heavily tested.

Also, in theory, Sorylians/Aquans should be very balanced when playing against each other... I would start the testing with this specific match-up, then expand from there.

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@Ryjak It was actually your old posts that led to make this movement changes :)

andnyiur right,bit may turn out to be too much, but I played an 800pt game this past weekend, I used relthoza, and he used sorylian, we were Rusty, but I still pulled ahead +12 to -3 

one game does not mean much in testing, I will likely be using sorylian on the next run (not to brag, I just have a really good track record), and use battle fleets 

(As all the other changes really just effect tier 1, they were not represented well in this last game at the patrol fleet level)


but if anyone else wants to give it a shot, I would live to hear your experiences :D


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@Brimat as far as boarding, I could definitely get behind 2nd assualt as an upgrade, it  fits the faction theme, and makes boarding a better option for them

But 20ad can hurt a lot more then tier 2s

Especially if crew has been lost, or they lay thermal controls, that 20 AD then averadges about 20successes that's scary no matter who you are...

All the more reason to go second assault though, as the tac can only be used once, unless they pay some Battlelog :)

the question then becomes though, would that be too much?

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I don't know about changing Split Fire, but making Scatter weapons work the way you describe would be flavorful and very faction specific.

I've always liked the idea of Retractable Plating for them as well-just adds to that old-school man o' war vibe they have with the long rows of broadside ports.

No objections to the Aquan/Sorylian movement changes either, though it's really no particular opinion at all.  I never seemed to have much problem being slow to engage, though my boards tend to actually hit the recommended terrain amounts, which makes a bigger difference to Sorylians than just about anyone else.  Especially with liberal use of certain TAC's, gravity slingshots, and shunting,  I just haven't found it to be much of  a problem though I know others do.

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Thanks for the feedback @reddwarf :)

the reason I attached those rules to split fire, rather then all scatter, is it actually ends up being more selective to sorylians.

almost all their tier ones can take split fire, and outside sorylians, relatively few ships have it (I know the directorate dreadnought does, but that's another ship that could use a re-work)


If this mechanic was made available to all scatter weapons, the ba'kash would have it as well, as would many dindrenzi ships, who can upgrade thier gunrack to scatter.

And it may get more complicated if all the tier 2s and 3s with scatter also had split fire, the math starts to get muddy fast :)



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