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I use Vallejo Surface Primer through my airbrush for resin, plastic, metal. Great stuff. Also, I typically will do "zenithal priming," where I do a solid black prime, then a grey from 45 degrees, then white from directly above and on particular areas I want highlighted.

I've also used Badger StynylRez primer through airbrush, and it's also pretty good.

When I did rattle-can prime, I typically used Duplicolor Auto Primer, but since Seattle can get wet most of the year and makes outdoor priming difficult, that was one of the reasons I switched to an airbrush. You can use the Vallejo via brush, too, it just takes longer to brush prime and it's a little trickier to get a nice, thin, even coat.

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3 hours ago, Kazimierz said:


That airbrushing technique sounds great!

I do not have an airbrush and will rattlecan it.

Thanks for the reply


No problem. You can do it with rattlecans, too, but it won't be quite as smooth. Still, very useful technique, though. I'm sure if you search on YouTube for some "zenithal priming" you can find a bunch of examples.

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Normally I use Vallejo Surface Primers if airbrushing, But lately in hurry and on all my WWX in last 2 weeks or so have been either GW Mechanicus Grey Spray or LeadBelcher Spray.  Also Army Painters are good but I warm Spray cans under tap before spray and normally do 2 or 3 very light coats. This year using grey has been my favorite base colour. 

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