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I played my second game the other night and was in melee with an opponent.  He missed his first roll to hit and used fortune to re roll it, which then hit.  I wanted to use my parry weapon to make him re roll.  He said I couldn't because the rules say a die can only be re rolled once.  When I went back and re read the rule after the game it says a friendly die can only be re rolled once, this leads me to believe that I could have made him re roll as I was not friendly to him.  As a second part to the question, I was using Wyatt Earp, he has two parry choices does he pick one or can he use both?

Thank you for your help.

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Your opponent rolls a Hit -> you force him to reroll a single successful hit  -> result of the reroll  has to be applied

Your opponent rolls a Miss -> he uses fortune to reroll -> result of the reroll has to be applied.

Another example: A unit with a <Linked> weapon  declares a shoot action against a unit with the <Shrouded> rule.

ROA 2 -> two initial rolls --> one miss / one hit -> the hit needs to be rerolled because of <Shrouded> / the miss can be rerolled because of <Linked> -> since you can't reroll a reroll both results after the first reroll have to be applied.

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