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January 2019 Warcradle Q&A - Video and Blog

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Our latest Q&A is now live!

For January 2019’s Q&A Stuart and Chris sat down and answered the community’s questions on Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, and Firestorm Armada.

You can read the blog and watch the video, right here.


Prefer to read? If you're interested in a specific game and would like to skip straight to questions asked about that system, take a look below, as we've included a summary for each!


When can we expect a hardback edition of the rulebook?

The hardback rulebook is still a work in progress at this stage.

We are starting work on 1.09 from next month and, in fact, we already have a lot of notes on the update - we just need to collate them all and test them out.

We should have more information on the hardback rulebook after 1.09.

Where can we get information about our favourite characters?

All of the new releases, and a large number of the existing miniatures have a bio on the webstore and we will continue to add more as we go. We advise you check them out - they’re great little pieces of information.

We also have some new novels currently in progress, which will let you take a more in-depth look at individual characters as well as the Dystopian Age as a whole. The Ore War is definitely a part of the background we want to explore in more detail and, although we cannot divulge, we do have a few ideas on how to do this.

There are plenty of vignettes on the blog as well, you can view all of Sarah Cawkwell’s vignettes right here.

What’s your plans for terrain?

We have plans for a number of Wild West Exodus buildings and they are not all in Red Oak... watch this space for some rather interesting terrain pieces coming your way!

Smaller scatter terrain pieces are something currently on our development board for future releases too.

Can we expect regional qualifiers for future tournaments leading up to an official US championship?

We were overwhelmed by the amazing response we have had to the Gunslinger Masters event being held at AdeptiCon this year. It took us a little by surprise and, one solution to that would be to hold regional tournaments as qualifiers, this is something for us to look at for next year.



When can we expect to see Dystopian Wars released and when can we expect to see new models?

We do not have a confirmed release date at present but we are aiming to give a confirmed date very soon, when you can expect to see both the release of the rules and some new models at the same time.

Speaking of rules…

Is there an update regarding the rulebook promotion being run for Dystopian Wars Third Edition?

Our free rulebook promotion is still up and running and, if you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time! We will be giving plenty of notice on our social media channels as to when the registration process is closing but we advise to sign up now rather than later.

For those people who have signed up already, we have all of the details captured and stored for all customers who have signed up for the free rulebook.

More importantly, as soon as the rulebook is printed and ready to go, we will get the books out to the community.

Will Dystopian Wars have a two-player starter set like Red Oak for Wild West Exodus?

Yes, we have some exciting developments in plastic in the pipeline which will include a new two-player set, in the future.

A bit more in-depth: will there be different stats for the same weapon system for different factions eg turrets, broadsides and torpedoes?

We want to have a clear differentiation between the factions, this will include unit stats, weapon choices and configurations, as well as the different units themselves - to name but a few.

What we do not want to happen is to have all factions inherently the same, the small differences make a game interesting (and your faction more unique) and we can think of nothing better than that!

Our feelings on critical hits in Dystopian Wars.

We certainly feel that the critical hits are heading in the right direction and the Beta feedback is in agreement.

Remember, we are still running our open Beta if you want to get involved with the Third Edition of Dystopian Wars.



What updates can you give us on the new edition of Firestorm Armada?

We have no date for the new edition of Firestorm Armada at present but we hope to release more information about the Firestorm Armada Beta soon.

We’ve had some questions about model count in the new edition and we can say that we want to make the game easy to scale. Firestorm Armada needs to scale well as, like many games, some players enjoy smaller, quicker games and others want weekend-long epic battles. As with Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars, we will ensure that it is playable and enjoyable whatever size battle you choose!

One of the aspects we are really focusing on is making each faction stand out from the rest, both aesthetically and in game play, as it’s something that our community enjoys. Allowing players the ability to customise their units is definitely high up on our "want" list for Firestorm Armada.

However, the game is still in the early stages of development! Once the open Beta is released we can talk about the system and all its many wonders…

Keep an eye on the Warcradle Studios Facebook and Twitter pages for announcements, as well as our forum and of course, the blog, in order to keep up-to-date with news on Beta releases and more.

Can we expect a novel full of the new background material?

It is still something we are interested in doing BUT we cannot divulge any more information than that at present.



Are there any more releases planned for Warcradle Classics?

We are currently working through the resin moulds and are starting to get to the metal miniatures so you may see the Warcradle Classics range growing.

This range is continuously ‘in flux’ and you will be able to find all current available miniatures on Wayland Games Ltd, and your FLGS will be able to contact our trade team where they can order this range into store.



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Thanks for the transcript but I notice it seems to miss out a couple of tidbits I caught.  1. A mention of a WWX expansion into the rest of the Dystopian world seemingly called Beyond the Wild West and 2. That the answer to my question was that weapon systems would have the same stats regardless of faction, while the rest of the answer made the point of other forms of differentiation would be used.

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