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My hopes for beyond the wild west

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There is a lot to be hopeful in for a successor to Dystopian Legions proud heritage.  Here are my first thoughts.


A better name.  This game isn't just about expanding the Wild West, its about playing in the popular Dystopian wars setting.  The name should reflect the global scale and proud Dystopian wars heritage.  

A more steampunk feel.  Wild West Exodus does what it does, and does it to the best of its abilities but this game is different.  Its not about gangs fighting over the wild west, but instead explorers, adventurers and the worlds militaries.  They should have scientists, steampunk heroes into the unknown and against dastardly fiends.  Slightly more high Victorian feel, proper uniforms, practical and impractical steampunk vehicles emerging from Legions and Dystopian wars. Rather than the magic if WWX and its hex, this should be the realm of Sturgeon's science, the Bravery of Teutonic Knights, the indomitable thin red line of Britannian troops.  

The opportunity for larger games.  As a descendant of both WWX and Legions I'd love a rules set that allows not just heroic skirmishes but small scale battles between platoons.  

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While I don't disagree with the idea, there's a cost-benefit ratio for rebranding or renaming WWX. The Wild West portion has a draw in itself and an area of under represented genre in the minis world. By removing the Wild West portion you'd lose that draw while marketing to a set of customers that are already customers.  I think Warcradle is doing a pretty darn good job at maintaining the line while integrating the IP into the larger scheme of products they are and plan on releasing. Lost World is a good example of this. I could see several sets of regional based games that integrate into a larger world of Dystopian Worlds. 

Personally, I'm curious to see how they handle the Firestorm games they acquired. Watcher Wars?

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