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Multiple units in a Building & Crit Failed Tainted Check

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Edge Case Scenario:

Multiple units are in a building. A tainted single model unit gets shot, fails his grit check, then critically fails his tainted check.  What happens???

Rules: A unit can't enter a building that contains opposing forces. 

So does the Hex Beast now controlled by the opposite side get ejected? If so how far? Base to base or displaced? Does it blow up auto-hitting everyone inside? 


(X-posting to Dark Council FB)

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Kind of an edge case for sure, but it could happen...

I think while normally you can't enter a building with an enemy unit in it, most strictly speaking this wouldn't be "entering." I might lean towards saying that all units inside would be now engaged. And if said Hex Beast is destroyed (by melee or whatever), it normally does a Blast with no Engulf, which normally wouldn't hit everyone inside but in this case it would seem to make sense that it would nail everyone on that level.

Curious for sure to see how this one goes. ;)

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