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WANTED dead or alive, the results of your varmit kickin'.

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Alright, like it or not, I may take it upon myself to record all of the lists used at Adepticon. I suspect you no good liver lickin' varmits ain't postin' yer battles to keep your lists RJ1027 level secret. Well. Well screw you, Anti-Carpathians!! That ends in March! Gonna give y'all a list whippin' or two after the convention.

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I told you I'd start doing it!!!  Here's some lists:


Legendary Viridian Alpha
2x Onyx Beta
Greay Elite with standard load out.
Pack of 3 Chigoe.
6x Greys (4 pulse, 2 Deconstruction Rifles)
3x Greys (2 pulse, 1 Deconstruction Rifles).
List came to 1485.


Wild Bill Hickok - 220
Grace Myrtle - 130
Calamity Jane - 160
5 Ranger Minutemen - 200
3 Ranger Interceptors - 255
3 Ranger Gyrocopters - 255
3 Ranger Blackjacks - 255
1 Booby Trap - 20
TOTAL - 1495pts



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