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Cor Caroli trait and piercing

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The Cor Caroli trait protects them from hazardous and other things EXCEPT when hit with -3 weapon. Does that mean now they DO get minuses and hazardous when hit by those weapons? Do I have to track what they're hit by and whether they're suffering a minus or not? Seems micromanage-y

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That was not the intention of the rule. The revised wording for 1.09 will be: "The Stunned and Disordered Conditions do not cause Attribute penalties to be suffered by this unit, though they still count as having the Condition. The Hazard Condition has no effect on this unit and if applied is immediately removed. Furthermore, the unit ignores negative Piercing modifiers when taking Grit Checks unless against attacks from weapons using the Blast template or if the attack has a piercing modifier of -3 or greater." 


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