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Sharp Sam

Good Doc Carpathian (Christmas Songs)

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Good Doc Carpathian Proudly Looked upon
His latest deadly Creation
Its two heads looked about
Ready for devastation
Brightly shone it's Iron and Brass
And its weapons were cruel
Prepared to kill all through the night
Running on RJ fuel
 "Hither, creation, and stand by me
We've a Union to render asunder 
By the time we're finished here
Grant will be 6 foot under.
The creation scratched one of its heads
To think too much made it ill
This was most unfortunate 
Because it's hand was  a Drill
Bring me Brains and bring me spine
Bring me a new RJ Cylinder
We’ll Try again and maybe this time
We’ll make him a little bit brighter
Harmony and Doc did their best
They work well together
Eventually succeeded in the quest
And made a better Monster
"Doc the thing  is smarter now
And his arms are stronger
But Fail my heart, it wants not to fight
It just sits and ponders
"Mark my words, my good nurse
Though I say it boldly
Two heads are not better than one
When you need to kill most coldly 
Now the creation is so smart
He got 1st class at university
He unlocked the mysteries of life
He excelled at string theory
Therefore, clever men, be sure
No matter how many heads you are possessing
Ye who will use your brains
Shall yourselves find blessing.


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