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Warcradle Classics?

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It’s a tough one to be honest. Lots of folk genuinely want to see Warcradle succeed with a universe and game that they’re heavily invested in. 

they’ve put time and effort into their game, and I feel that game would have perhaps had a fairer reception from folk if it hadn’t pretended to be something that it’s not. It’s not dystopian wars, or anything particularly related to the dystopian wars IP - and as a game on its own, it is reasonable. As the next iteration of a venerable ruleset, it faces many hurdles and comparisons that are perfectly fair for a game pretending to be based on something else.

whereas Spartan was primarily focussed on games rather than profit (a conversation for another time perhaps), Warcradle and wayland are focussed on profit/product over games. 

In itself that’s no bad thing, it’s how the world works; it just means that current and past fans of the setting need to understand in no uncertain terms that any goodwill and support from the IP holder ends when the profitability does. It’s easier in that setting to finish every exciting new update about a game with “until your wallet runs dry, then we’re on to new pastures”. It’s business pure and simple; if you remember uk ultra capitalism from the late 90’s, you won’t be disappointed. 

in terms of some people’s views that the classics range is / is not profitable - unfortunately this falls into a lot of the problems encountered in dialogue with Warcradle - facts. Folk that aren’t in a position to argue the financial facts simply have to accept what Warcradle says, and it can be difficult to understand how a red ball is blue.

personally, I don’t see how thousands of man hours can have been wasted in the classics range, given what I’ve read in various forums and groups from Warcradle staff about the process, unless of course it’s been woefully mismanaged. That could be true, but it’s still hard to understand how a company that makes its money through the sale (and thus internal logistics) of models, can find it so difficult to spin a profit on a model line not dissimilar in production scale to WWX.

the point is though, I can’t see all the Financial data, and what I’m being told doesn’t make good business sense, hence the impasse in understanding experienced by some. A case of beautiful clock towers in Salisbury perhaps?

the one repeated point that really does get on my wick Richard, is your continued assertion that the models don’t sell well because the supposed fans aren’t buying them. You’re not an idiot, so I’m certain it’s not escaped your knowledge that sales will dip for a range you are actively telling folk won’t be supported. If you were actively incorporating those elements into the new edition rather than making them stand out as smaller, less stylistically endorsed models, they would have the potential for a greater fan base. As it stands, the future of the models is constantly bashed by the IP owner, and sidelined to the point where they won’t be profitable. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, not the fault of the community for not making it profitable.

if more positive effort had been made using the classics range from the start then I could accept the profitability trope, but as it stands Warcradle have made very little effort to actually endorse the models beyond simply saying “some of these old models we don’t like and won’t support are in our store, buy them”

Finally, while it’s great that you address concerns and valid points on the forum, as well as on social media, I note that there is still the tendency to ignore, berate, ban folk or censor difficult questions. 

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This seems to be a common comment. Existing fans are irked that the miniatures they have purchased in significant quantities are not selling now. 

Could I suggest that a good reason is that the models are classics and designed for a game that is now largely only played by people that own significant fleets etc already? We only ever intended the classics range to be a customer service offering to the existing community. A way to give continuity to your collections and allow you to complete or fill or certain selections. The same is true for WWX.

It is regrettable that the Classics offerings have not sold especially well compared to main range releases or to community expectation, but considering the time elapsed since the classic game was in production it is less surprising.  The important part was that miniatures have made it into to the hands of fans that would otherwise have to rely on third partirs such as eBay or Facebook selling pages.

On the subject of things we find especially irksome, for me it is that Warcradle is being accused of blaming the community for anything.

While it's true that there have been a handful of toxic individuals who have had to be taken in hand,  they are certainly not reflective of the amazing community that supports the games we make.

Regarding those individuals,  I do not think aeshva you are one of them, I realise it is comforting for those feeling isolated and embittered to cling to the general community and delude themselves that they are in the same mental space and that their personal views represent a groundswell of opinion. It is perfectly natural to do so. But we have a responsibility to keep the community spaces we look after safe from such self-destructive people. 

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Dystopian Wars can be played using classic models to represent the units in the game. Of course we cannot create hundreds of units for the game to support models that are no longer in production, but what we hope to be able to give players is a  list of 'counts as' for tournament play as well as a single generic class for each ship type in each faction (cruiser, battleship etc) that will act as a catch all for those old miniatures people may have in their collections. 

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