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Sharp Sam

She Writes The Stories.

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She Writes The Stories


She has many names.


To the Warrior nation she is “Tells the World Stories”


The members of the Dark Council refer to her as “The Scribe of Fate”


The Alien watchers have designated her “Observer Alpha”


The Order say she is “The One Who Bears Witness”


And the good people of Tombstone call her “Miss Sara Corkswell”


Whenever a story happens She's there to tell about it. Always there, just in the background, Just out the corner of the eye. If you were to turn to look she'd be gone. But she WAS there and she saw it all.


And for a few cents you can read about it tomorrow. Always freelance, never tied to any one publication. She sells her stories to as many newspapers who can buy them.


Back East her stories are highly sort after, her readers, used to tall tales by the likes of Bill Hickock, say somehow her stories feel “more real “


She has friends everywhere. Her nature puts people at ease almost instantly and even the notoriously tight lipped Wyatt finds her easy to talk to.


Rumors of her exploits abound, it is said she has had high Tea with Doctor Carpathian in his inner laboratory sanctum, Witnessed a meeting of the Dark Council, explored the Watchers base in Superstition Mountain,  been shown the mysteries of the Spirit World by Raven Spirit.

Supposedly her pen nib is made from the very 1st nugget of silver mined in Tombstone and her ink is as blue as the summer's sky.


She may be the only woman ever to keep Broad Arrow Jack at arm's length.


Cerulean mimics are unable to copy her eyes, all who try fall into a state of shock and endlessly repeat “They’ve seen so much” over and over. Countess Byron is known to want them for her “Collection”


She has the fastest handwriting, never uses shorthand, but effortlessly keeps up with even the most talkative of interviewees. Even Doc, a man not known to use just one syllable when there are 4 or 5 that will do just fine, couldn't outtalk her.


After the interview he remarked to Wyatt “Nothing i could say threw her, she kept up with me word for word. She was so fast i started to wonder if she was writing down what i said or was i saying what she was writing down?” Then he laughed and helped himself to another shot of Bourbon.


She has many names None of these are entirely accurate...


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