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I’m planning on getting into WWX and want to construct my own buildings out of ice lolly sticks. I am a little lost in knowing what size to make them. Could someone please tell me what the dimensions (LxWxH) are of the Red Oak buildings especially the height and width of the doors. I can then get the CAD software out and draw some blueprints.

As a test I built an outhouse


its a bit rough due to me being out of practice and not having the right tools.

Thanks in advance.

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Nice job. That will come as a relief to the characters ^__^

You might want to distress the ends of the roof a bit, they do look a bit machine cut.

For door dimensions, and window heights, you will need to refer to actual figures.

For a normal door, the standard base size plus a bit will be a good width.


I have a building from another manufacturer that appears to have compatible dimensions (bought for another magical steampunk style game). I will measure the door and window dimensions.

There is a photograph of the unfinished building with Doc Holliday on this link. 


I did not photograph the finished building with WWX figures, and not sure about posting photographs of other manufacturer's buildings. 

The building on the link is 17cm X 12cm x 14.5cm(w,d,h).


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Thanks to both of you.

Burson_Carpathian, Would you say that 75mm x 35mm (including 2mm frame) would be appropriate for the door to a shack/cabin?  I’m basing my build on the fact that ice lolly sticks (when trimmed) make wooden “planks” approximately  100mm x 10mm x 2mm.


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