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Notes from Stuart, part 1

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For those of you not using Facebook, Stuart posted the following earlier today:


I thought I'd post here to address some comments that have been voiced here regarding the development of the Firestorm Universe. 

The first game we will be developing for the new Firestorm Universe is Firestorm Armada. As is usual for any community, there are going to be a huge number of differing opinions on what they want in a game. There will be some aspect of previous incarnations of the game that appealed to different people. It could be miniatures, general concept, mechanics or something more intangible. 

"The new Firestorm will be dumbed down/made unnecessarily complicated."

We are looking at lots of exciting game concepts including representing 3d movement (though not in a way that involves heavy book-keeping or slows the game down), fast than light travel and the effects of vaguely realistic future technologies such as energy weapons, kinetic weapons and cyber-warfare.  While the rules will change, certain elements are likely to remain such as a version of the Exploding Dice mechanism, six-sided dice and critical hits/damage. Of course, as the game is in an alpha test state, there is much still to work through in exactly how those concepts will ultimately be expressed in the game mechanics. The intention is that the game must still feel familiar to earlier incarnations while bringing something new and exciting to the table. When the game goes to Beta Test next year, we'll all find out!


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