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Getting on rooftops

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Since the rules on p. 39 call out rooftops specifically as not being "inside the building", this raised a couple of questions.

1. How do you measure to/from models on rooftops?

My thought here is "from the model," since it would not be inside the building it therefore would not be subject to the measuring rules for models "inside buildings." Likewise, I think for Hunkered, etc.

2. How do you get on a rooftop?

As it isn't a different level inside the building, my take would be that you'd need to do a Get In action to enter the building as normal, but then could use a Get Out action to go up on the roof.




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1) The model is treated as being on the battlefield same as any other model, so you measure from the model for being on the rooftop

2) You can make a climb action to climb onto rooftops, as per page 23 on the rule book. 

Buildings are still terrain but you just have the ability to get inside of them so you can 

It's worth discussing with your opponent before the game starts to discuss being able to "get out" onto roofs as there could be ladders and hatches inside the building allowing people to use them to climb to the rooftops 

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