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Kyle the Black Mellee Weapons

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Can somebody please explain me the diffrence between Kyle´s Servo Claws and his Meat Cleaver? (other that decapitate only works on S, M or L -bases)

Both are "Brutal" on all attacks.

Both become "Lethal" when i roll a crit.

Decapitate would add "Brutal" when the weapon  is already "Lethal",  but they are already "Brutal", so there is no bonus added.


Do i missread this?


Kind regards


christian Stein

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The Meat Cleaver is less effective to XL and above and Machine, Spirit and Structures... as Lethal doesnt not apply to those types struck with e crit.   The Servo Claws do not lose the crit bonus of Lethal to things it hits... So are more effective... the question is why have both... as there is no reason you can not always use the Servo-Claws... so why risk not being able to use the crit on Decapitate... 

I would do something else to differentiate the 2 to truly give you a reason to use the cleaver...   Such as make the Servo Claws more deadly... like Pierce -4... and gain the Complex weapon quality... then you would need to use the meat cleaver for any additional attacks... but the Servo claws have a much bigger hit... I would also prefer to see the Hook get stats as well... then give him a Hook attack with drag... similar to the lasso... and give the Mortician's Blade Thrown.... 

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