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1200pts vs directorate

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Hey guys!


I'm having a game agains my friend soon, he's Directorate and owns the ROTO and patrol fleet models. 


I myself own every terran unit apart from the enforcement fleet and the reinforcement fleet (sadly enough)


We set the point limit to 1200 pts and he loves the anarchist and the gunships. He discovered that biohazard is my achilles heel so uses them extensivly. 


I was thinking of fielding my dreadnaugt, 2x4 armsmen, 3 shield cruisers and 3 teuton. 


Would you guys reccomend something else? Do you guys think 1200 is a bit low to use my dread?

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Probably too late, but 1200 points is exactly when you should field your Dreadnought. With a nearby Shield Cruiser, it can be almost impossible to kill...  unless your facing Directorate Gunships.  They’re almost guaranteed to land one Critical hit, so destroying one Gunship will be a top priority.

Unfortunatly, nothing in your list is particularly offensive.... a problem with most Terran Squadrons.  A Carrier with Bombers and accompaniments is an interesting option to go with the Dreadnought, or just bring a Battleship.

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