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New Wargame Terrain with Dark Assembly 8mm

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Red Beam Designs has more terrain and scenery for sci-fi and fantasy tabletops! The new Dark Assembly 8 mm range has been released for pre-order for trade from Warcradle Studios.

The Dark Assembly 8 mm range can be used for all types of small-scale sci-fi and industrial fantasy wargames - it’s also compatible with Adeptus Titanicus; tough war machines won’t look out of place amongst this terrain! 

Just like the Dark Assembly range, these are great-value MDF items that are easy to assemble with full assembly instructions online. Assembly instructions for all Red Beam Designs products can be found on the new Red Beam Designs website.

All items are due for release at the end of October 2018.

Red Beam Designs Dark Assembly 8 mm scenery is currently on pre-order at Wayland Games and soon to be on pre-order from your FLGS.


RBD081002 CITY.jpg

RBD091002_RENDER011.jpg RBD091002_RENDER012.jpg RBD091002_RENDER013.jpg RBD091002_RENDER014.jpg

RBD091002_RENDER015.jpg RBD091002_RENDER016.jpg RBD091002_RENDER017.jpg RBD091002_RENDER018.jpg 

RBD081002_RENDER001.jpg RBD081002_RENDER002.jpg RBD081002_RENDER003.jpg RBD081002_RENDER004.jpg

RBD081002_RENDER005.jpg RBD081002_RENDER006.jpg RBD091002_RENDER007.jpg RBD091002_RENDER008.jpg

RBD091002_RENDER009.jpg RBD091002_RENDER010.jpg





RBD081001_RENDER001.jpg RBD081001_RENDER002.png RBD081001_RENDER003.jpg

Interested in stocking this range?

Find out how to become a Trade partner by contacting: salesteam@warcradle.com


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