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Beta response -abstraction and streamlining versus fun

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One of the big questions coming out of the beta has been how far the new Rules provide an efficient version of the game versus how much depth has been lost.  Here are the things that for me went a little too far in the streamlined pile.

Shield gens -Easily counterable seems a bit unfair, the constant dice rolling to see if generators are online seems a faff, and merely adding extra armour seems a little weak, but also removes the tension of rolling against something.  It speeds up the game but removes a tactical element of randomness and interest.

Action dice-   the concept is neat but adds a couple of wrinkles.  Firstly seems to limit to hits to between 4-5+ and means defensive dice are limited to an awkward 2-3 and don't explode rather than allowing a consistent high is good approach and the tactical variety to play between 3-6+ with stacked bonuses and disadvantages.

360 vision on boats-  turret placement isn't a bug its a tactical feature.  Gives advantages to certain fleets to play a certain way, be it Brits and broadsides or Prussians facing forwards.  

Planes as markers not tokens- makes it rather dull not to drop aa or other planes on tfts.  Personal preference in all of this but its much cooler and more dynamic to watch pilots battle it out in the skies and be knocked out by aa then just sort if be there.  

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I think that stackable bonuses are very much part of the fun.

Small fliers & flying obscured, get 6+ to hit. Makes them really well protected, unless the enemy has some hunter ability. Makes the hunter ability really helpful. Or other ways to get the to-hit number up.

Also, it seems like fix-channels is gone. I don't enjoy that.



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