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Wayland The Smith 10th Anniversary Set

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With the 10th anniversary of Wayland Games Ltd approaching, Warcradle Studios (the publishing and manufacturing arm of Wayland) were tasked to create a brand new miniature for Wild West Exodus to celebrate this epic occasion.

Never ones to shy from an opportunity, the Studio team swept into action to design something very special indeed… We present you with a brand new strategic unit for Wild West Exodus: Wayland the Smith (and Beck too, of course)!

Wayland Games_1170x436.jpg



Wayland the Smith - 10th Anniversary Set


Many a fireside tale includes the appearance of Wayland the Smith. Often such stories feature a desperate and lonely rider who suffers a malfunction with her Iron Horse or the machinery of a struggling mine fails and the town faces ruin. Wanting no reward, save for a silver dollar if it can be spared, this man of legend appears from the horizon and fixes the problem. Before more than a thank you can be uttered, the stoic giant is on his way again, never staying in the same place for more than a night once his work is done. Wayland is an impressively large man with a strength as formidable as the steel with which he plies his trade. Often he lends a hand along with Panday Beck, his erstwhile assistant, who is seldom far from his side. What the fates have in store for Wayland as he roams the Frontier, who can say? Certainly, while Wayland doesn’t go looking for trouble, his journey has taken him to some of the highest and lowest of company. Even the alien Watchers and scheming Hex and Order have had reason to be thankful for his intervention and assistance. Quite how this mysterious wanderer can aid such wildly differing factions is but one further mystery that adds to his legend.

Wayland the Smith - 10th Anniversary Set contains two multi-part resin miniatures:

  • 1x Wayland the Smith

  • 1x Beck

  • 2x Bases.

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

  • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.

Price: £20.00

Are you a retailer or distributor interested in the Wayland the Smith - 10th Anniversary Set amongst other Wild West Exodus products?

Check out our trade website here or get in touch with the Warcradle Studios Sales Team now: salesteam@warcradle.com to become a stockist.

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