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The Beta Lives!

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I don't think every faction will be able to use  ALL different turrets on their ships. I just think that in particular "Guns" and "Torpedoes" are going to be a general weapon across ALL fleets. The other weapons will be restricted in factions to some ships and I don't believe all factions will get access to all types of weapons.

That was my point... Guns, Torpedoes and SRS counters are basic standard weapons available to everyone. This means that everyone can have a fleet with basic weapons if they so choose and be a jack of all trades fleet.

I believe that you will then be able to specialise in different way with each faction, but how much specialisation you do is then up to you. Too much specialisation in one direction will of course leave you rather vulnerable to specific defences or enemy weapons. So it is up to you how much of a rock/paper/scissor fleet you want to build.

Specialisation in absurdum only work when you play against random opponents and/or random fleets, in a campaign play you need a modest amount of specialisation since the opponent otherwise can easily tailor their defences accordingly as would be the result in "reality". If I know I play against someone that have very effective rockets I will of course stack up on AA to counter it as an example. In such an environment you want the possibility of have a bit more variation and not be so predictive.

I also find it a bit boring if every game would force me to resort to the same general tactic because my fleet are so one dimensional.  That in general would bore me out quite fast.

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I'll give warcradle this, the round command deck looks way better on the blimp than the ships.  I don't link the weird bottom prong though, breaks up the Zeppelin shape more than I like.  The female officer is actually pretty great too.  Pity about the matrix rejects.

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