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Open beta question

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@RuleBritannia, @Jsiegel1983, et al, 

These were posted by Stuart:

In the lead up to the Beta next week, I thought I'd throw out a few details to whet the appetite. Here's the first one:

The Attributes for Units in DW is as follows: Move (Drift/Speed), Armour, Penetration, Hull, Fray and Defence (Aerial/Submerged). Some things will have clear equivalences to previous editions, but many work in new and exciting ways! Exciting times.


Here's another little nugget from the forthcoming Beta. Outfitting Cards! 

Outfitting cards enable you to purchase upgrades for your units with all the necessary game information present on the card. There are all kinds of weapons and modifications available to Fleets as Outfitting Cards, including Generators.

There are many types of Generator available such as the Shroud Generator, Atomic Generator, Null Generator, Portal Generator, Fury Generator, Storm Generator, Guardian Generator, Repulsion Field Generator, Shield Generator and more! 

Some units already come with inbuilt Generators, while any unit in the game can switch out a Heavy Gun Battery for one.

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1 hour ago, ethicalengineer said:

Hello guys. First & Main question about Beta: where can I found squadron sizes? :-)

Where is no squadron sizes at unit card, but I am sure that Frigates doesn't come solo to battlefield

It's not been included on the stat card but cruisers and the like in 2-3s and frigates/destroyers/etc in 3-6s seems reasonable enough. I'm just going on the previous edition squadron sizes. 

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