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Questions about Tangle

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Relevant rulebook reference, I have underlined relevant language:

Tangle, page 45:  "In addition to passing a Grit Check as normal, a unit hit by a Tangle weapon must pass a Fight Check.  If it passes, the unit suffers no additional effect.  If the unit fails, the unit immediately receives the Stunned and Disordered conditions"

Couple of questions about Tangle:
1)  So we know that if one model in a unit becomes disordered, every model in the unit is considered to be disordered (pg 33) but this is not the case with the Stun condition, which can affect individual models within a unit (also page 33).  The Tangle rule says the unit receives the Stunned condition, not the model.  The way that Tangle is worded, if one model in a unit of, say, 10 models, gets hit by a Tangle weapon and fails its Fight Check, does every model become stunned?  The Stun weapon quality, as a counterexample, explicitly says that only the initial target gets the Stun condition.  If a weapon with the Torrent or Blast weapon qualities has the Tangle weapon quality (Gustave Eiffel's weapon, for example), and multiple units are hit by the torrent, does every model in every unit hit that fail their Fight Checks gain the Stun condition?  If a Torrent/Tangle weapon hits 4 models from the same unit, does each individual model in the unit make a fight check, or does the unit as a whole only make one fight check?


2)  When does Tangle resolve?  It happens in addition to the Grit Check when a unit is hit, but "in addition to" does not explicitly say if it happens before or after the Grit Check.  It is not explicitly stated like in, for example, the Stun weapon quality, which explicitly states that the initial target gains the Stun condition after the Grit check is passed, or the Disorder quality, which explicitly states that the initial target gains the Disordered condition after a Grit check is failed.  Tangle says that the unit immediately receives the Stun and Disordered condition if the Fight Check is failed.  When does the Fight Check happen?  This matters because if Tangle resolves before the Grit Check, the unit would be Stunned and Disordered before the Grit Check, and would not be able to use Tough or Mettle.  If it resolves after the Grit Check, the unit would be able to Tough and/or Mettle as normal, and would gain the conditions afterwards.  Clearer language could be something like "After passing (or before making, depending on the intent of the rule) a Grit Check as normal, a unit hit by a Tangle weapon must pass a Fight Check."

3)  Somewhat unrelated question brought up in question 2:  If a unit with Mettle is hit by a weapon with the Disorder quality and fail their Grit Check, do they gain the Disordered condition from the weapon quality before or after they use the Mettle rule to not be considered wounded?

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