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Wild West Exodus August Pre-Orders

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Well, well, well, August sure does look jam-packed and full of Wild West Exodus delights... Let's not keep you hanging too long though - time to dive straight in!

Wayland Pre-Order.jpg

The Dark Nation Posse, led by the corrupt and wraith-like Wicasasni, is the second Posse set to be released for The Hex. The Dark Nation Posse is now available to pre-order alongside the Secret Service Posse, lead by none other than Abraham Lincoln himself (wielding an axe, of course).

Need some support on the tabletop? We have some great support units on pre-order for Warrior Nation and Enlightened in the form of the heroic Kaga Brothers and a set of ruthless Enlightened Brutes. Hex players will be able to pre-order the Hexalith, an artefact imbued with the essence of the Hex, which was previously only available in the Absolute Power Posse. 

We can also announce that the Divine Intervention Starter Set and the Absolute Power Starter Set are available to pre-order from Warcradle Studios from today! These sets include everything from the previously released posse sets, with the addition of the Rules & Gubbins Set.

Lastly, with Gen Con 2018 starting next week, make sure to get hold of your very own Nakano Gozen either online or at the event itself!

As always, make sure to check the whole of this months pre-orders so you don't miss out on any of our new Wild West Exodus products.

Warcradle Studios at Gen Con 2018!

Facebook Header.jpg

Heading to Gen Con 2018? Make sure to pop by our booth! We have our dynamic demo team, our awesome Studio team, including Roberto Cirillo, and lots of miniatures for you to take a peep at - and plenty of miniatures available to purchase too, of course.

Nakano Gozen - Emissary of the Blazing Sun

Gozen site images 1.jpg   Gozen site images 2.jpg

Nakano Gozen, our promotional miniature for 2018 will be available for purchase from our booth (3027) for £13.00

Not attending? Feeling like your missing out? Don't worry! 

We will be making Nakano Gozen available to purchase online during events attended by Warcradle Studios! During Gen Con, she will be available from our online store between 09:00 August 2nd until 21:00 BST on August 5th 2018. Her next appearance online will be during Tabletop Gaming Live at the end of September!

Nakano Gozen is our promotional miniature until 2019 when she will become part of our regular catalogue of fantastic miniatures - available to all!

Dark Nation Posse

Facebook header.jpg

  Cluster FR.jpg

image06 for site.JPG  image09 for site.JPG  image10 for site.JPG

image03 for site.JPG  image05 for site.JPG

The corruption of Walks Looking was the doorway to the tainting of the Warrior Nation. Ghost Wolf's daughter became tainted by The Hex and transformed into Wicasasni to become a twisted creature of malice and vengeance. Wicasasni took great delight in warping and corrupting the minds and bodies of her own people, creating a "Dark Nation".

Though Wicasasni was eventually captured by Ghost Wolf and the tainted aspect driven out, the wraith-like creature that emerged was just as deadly and even more malevolent than before. Walks Looking returned to her people with half a soul, the other half now sustaining her darker aspect that had been given independence in the exorcism. While Wicasasni can no longer warp the flesh of her followers she is still surrounded by twisted men and women who are the product of her previous corrupting influence. Khali, Camazotz, Seke and Nizhoni now work with Wicasasni and together the Dark Nation will tear down the world of humanity and remake it in their own image.

The Dark Nation Posse contains five multi-part resin miniatures:


  • 1x Wicasasni
  • 1x Khali
  • 1x Camazotz
  • 1x Seke
  • 1x Nizhoni
  • 5x Bases.

Price: £38.00

Secret Service Posse


  Cluster FR.jpg

image02 for site.JPG  image04 for site.JPG  image12 for site.JPG

image08 for site.JPG  image14 for site.JPG  image10 for site.JPG  

image06 for site.JPG

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Abraham Lincoln believes that the times of the Dystopian Age are desperate indeed. Faking his own assassination in order to work unhindered by the demands of office, Director Lincoln now fights against the Union’s enemies alongside those men and women trusted enough to join his Secret Service.

Lincoln and his agents wage a war in the shadows, defending their beloved country from threats that the general public must have no knowledge about. Whatever it takes so that the good folk of the Union of Federated States can sleep soundly in their beds.  With the assistance of his right-hand man Robert Pinkerton, his top agents Lucinda Loveless and Camilla Blanche, Henry Courtwright, Leah Kingston and Milo Jefferson, Lincoln has the tools he needs to tackle any situation.

The Secret Service Posse contains six multi-part resin miniatures:


  • 1x Abraham Lincoln
  • 1x Robert Pinkerton
  • 1x Lucinda Loveless
  • 1x Camilla Blanche
  • 1x Henry Courtwright
  • 1x Milo Jefferson
  • 1x Leah Kingston
  • 7 x Bases.

Price: £35.00

Red Oak Watch Tower

Wayland Games Pre-Order.jpg

Image00003 for site.JPG  Image00006 for site.JPG

Dominating the skyline of towns like Red Oak, these watchtowers allow the residents to keep a watchful eye for the telltale dust clouds that announce the arrival of Iron Horses and the bandits who often ride them. With parts to assemble it instead as a water tower, the Red Oak Watchtower is a great addition to your table or even the centre point for one.

This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains:


  • 1x Red Oak Watchtower Building
  • Options to build a Water Tower.
  • Assembly Instructions.

Price: £30.00

NEW Starter Sets

Divine Intervention & Absolute Power

Wayland & WWX.jpg

  356cd4fa-5724-45ab-a7bd-89daeefca58e.jpg f6e92a13-3111-47bc-83fb-404612a85269.jpg

The first of the Cor Caroli to walk the Earth, Makara leads her Divine Intervention to deliver humanity from the clutches of the Hex. Fighting alongside their leader are the powerful warriors Haan, Vulana, Mithun and Siraj, each encased in heavy armour and wielding a variety of advanced weaponry.

The Divine Intervention Starter Set contains five Resin miniatures, a rule book, tokens, templates, dice and the Action and Adventure card decks.

Absolute Power is the posse of the Third Man. Alongside this formidable Hex Boss is his loyal guardian Kreechur, the insidious Garratt Morden, the scheming Megan Wild, the vengeful Maria Torres-Villa and the traitorous John Hunter Bennett. The set also comes with a Hexalith, a mysterious totemic idol that the posse can draw power from.

The Absolute Power Starter Set contains 7 multi-part resin miniatures, a rule book, tokens, templates, dice and the Action and Adventure card decks.


Each Wild West Exodus Rules and Gubbins Set contains:

  • A Softback A5 Rulebook
  • Condition Tokens
  • Blast and Torrent Templates
  • 4x D10 Dice
  • 1x Action Card Deck
  • 1x Adventure Card Deck

Starter Set Price: £50

Kaga Brothers


  Cluster Fr.jpg Cluster Bk.jpg

The enemies arrayed against the Warrior Nation are many and powerful and the Great Spirit commands that they shun the use of the tainted technology from the Enlightened. Despite this limitation, the Warrior Nation make use of Gatling guns, heavy crossbows and other tribal weapons to destroy their foes, making up for a lack of such alien advantages with sheer heroism and faith in their traditions.

Those who follow the Brotherhood of Kaga have resigned themselves to the fact that they will likely die in battle. Their use of support weapons and close proximity to the most deadly of conflicts makes this a certainty. The Kaga Brothers have their funeral rites upon initiation and their ranks are filled with those seeking atonement or with nothing else to lose. Deadly and valorous, the presence of Kaga Brothers in a force brings death with them, not just for themselves but for many of their enemies too.

The Kaga Brothers kit contains three multi-part resin miniatures:

  • 1x Kaga Brother with Plainswalker Crossbow
  • 2x Kaga Brother with Gatling Gun
  • 3x Bases.

Price: £15.00

Enlightened Brutes


WEX101013001_Brutes_cluster_01.jpg  WEX101013001_Brutes_cluster_02.jpg

The ruthless pursuit of scientific progress can blind many to the moral questions raised by such progress. Such is the case with many of the creations of the Covenant of the Enlightened, Brutes being a prime example of this blindness.

Through the use of RJ-1027, the subject’s impressive frame has its musculature increased significantly and performance and strength are further enhanced with mechanical augmentations. The result is a hulking servant capable of wielding the heaviest firearms and able to fold sheet metal as if it were paper. Brutes are employed as enforcers, soldiers, and bodyguards by the Enlightened and have proven to be formidable in all these roles.

The Enlightened Brutes kit contains two multi-part resin miniatures:

  • 1x Enlightened Brute with Flamethrower miniature
  • 1x Enlightened Brute with Juiced Gatling Gun miniature
  • 2x Bases.

Price: £15.00


Wayland pre-order.jpg

Hexolith_front.png Hexolith_back.png

The energies of the Hex can be focussed and channelled in a number of ways, one being the creation of a Hexalith. These otherwise mundane objects have been imbued with the essence of the Hex and can be drawn on when needed to channel the extra-terrestrial power.

Hexaliths can be made from any material but many hours of care and focus are required to attune it to the other-worldly energies. The resultant effect often creates an object of strange and unsettling design directly from the tainted mind of the creator.

The Hexalith kit contains one single piece resin miniature:

  • 1x Hexalith miniature
  • 1x Base.

Price: £6.00         



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