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Mine deployment

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Hi Admirals, I'm writing to clarify a doubt

Can mines be deployed while the model deploying it is Submerged or deep diving? 

Moreover I got this brandtaucher squad which have a tesla surface mine x2 listed with an AD value of 5

So they spawn 2 mines cluster of 3x5AD or one cluster of 6x5AD?

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Good morning

Mine tokens use the linking profile when deployed together so you'd launch 1x15AD token 3x7 AD token or any combination of linked mines, I believe that mines can only be deployed while surfaced/submerged i dont think you can fire weapons when in the deep diving profile


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@Warcradle Zak is correct (except for the AD numbers. All linking in DW is rounded up. Not down). Mines cannot be deployed in the deep diving height level, but you can shoot torpedoes, if you have them.

As to linking the mines, you have several options.

1) you can deploy them all as individual mines (6x5AD mines)

2) you can link two mines at a time for 3 linked mines of 8AD

2A) you can link as many or as few mines as you want. So you can have 4 mines link together, and another linked mine from the last 2 mines making one mine of 13AD, and one of 8AD for example. 

3) you can link all 6 mines for 18AD. 


Really it's up to you have you want to split the AD. But these are your options. 


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