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Shooting at units, and use of carpathogen

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I’m having trouble working out targeting.

1. say I have a unit of 5 hands shoooting at another unit of 5 hands. Which units are removed if wounded? 

2. If I have one model in the unit with an updated/alternate weapon, can they be targeted seperately or is it just whichever model is closest to the enemy is the first removed when wounded?

3. If i use the carpathogen rule, which models are reanimated? Can I pick one with an updated/alternate weapon?

4. If a heavy weapon cannot be used in the same activation turn as moving (unless on a vehicle), can I use dark council during another units turn to make the heavy weapon user shoot as a free action?

5. Can a unit with trail finder and rapid, focus their free move made after deployment but before activation?


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A good deal of your questions would be resolved by remembering the following:

It isn't like 40k or similar games where squads all roll dice together.

While Units containing multiple models must take the same action, in every other respect you resolve them separately.

Target an enemy unit with each separately etc. Roll die for each separately. 

Hopefully that clears up quite a bit for you.

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