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Warcradle Classics Bingo

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I know we all want that one model, that one figure we love so much, to be found amongst the molds that Warcradle has salvaged from Spartan. Well, now that the first wave of Warcradle Classics has been announced, why not put that anxiety and hope to good use? That's right! Let's make a game of it!

I present to you today Warcradle Classics Bingo! The rules are on the tin, and there's no prize but the joy of bingo itself! I even filled out a board of my own for example use! How very generous of me! So come join me on this wild ride, I'm sure I'm not the only person with nothing better to do. :) Uh... Just remember, I think models with acrylic or metal parts are less likely to get released. I know I took a gamble with that on a couple of my choices, but you know, it's something to keep in mind. ALSO save yourself some trouble and just use names, seriously this took me way to long.



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4 hours ago, Warcradle Sam said:

Hmmmm... it looks to me that you've put two ships from Wave I on there ;) you may need to take a closer look :D 

Also, thanks for sharing - gave me a good giggle on such a cold and grey morning!

Yeah, someone else caught that too. I wasn't paying attention when I slapped the Boston in. I'll update it in a bit, picking something I think is too obscure and old as punishment for my inattentive ways.

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