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Tac cards, and delaying use?

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So in the core rulebook, it says you may use tac cards during the tac phase 

My question is whether or not you can delay use of certain tac cards like focused repair, do you have to repair an effect during the tac phase, or could you hold on to it, potentially removing an effect applyed during the turn?

What about drives to Max, do I need to specify which squadrens during the tac phase?


Just curious :)



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We always resolve TACs when revealing them. So, all effects of the TACs, repairing, chosing a squadron for Drives to Max and so on, are done before rolling initiative.

RAW you may be able to delay, as the Rulebook says:"Place it face up in front of you as a reminder of the effects it can have throughout the turn." Discuss it with you play group and set a inteded use for playing.

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You are not required to play a TAC, so use is optional, thus: it says you may use tac cards during the tac phase 


That RAW quote applies to TACs with ongoing effects, not to TACs with instant effects, such as Focused Repair.

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