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Hands Unit Size

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Hi all,

I've been thinking of expanding my Union army led by Odysseus Grant with some hands units. The problem comes that his posse bonus only applies of you have full hands units. I checked the store and the hands units contain 10 models, 5 each but the full unit is 6 models.

Will there be an updated product containing 6 models? Or do I need to buy multiples just to get a full size unit?

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You may want to consider special weapons within your Hands units. 

I.e. Union Riflemen with Gatling Guns or Gallant Rocket Pod if you want to play a gunline.

You could add two of those models (which come in single blisters) to your units and bulk them up to 6 models each.


>>Trooper with Rocket Pod<< >>Trooper with Gatling Gun<<


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