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Hi. Almost by accident I find myself in possession of a "Deadly Seven" Posse box and  a pair robotic hounds. I know things are in flux at the moment, so how do I go forward with the game from here ?



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So I think you want overall advice right?

Ok first check out the rules here: http://www.wildwestexodus.com/content/66-rules You can download the pdf for free and the online version will always be up to date with the latest rules

The other resource you need is the character cards, Posse cards, and armory located here: http://www.wildwestexodus.com/content/73-outlaws-stat-cards  The posse list is the red link at the top right that says "download posses & armory"

Lastly join "The Dark Council" facebook group which can help you locate local people to play with.  I know my city has a separate facebook group dedicated solely to local players but the dark council one is a good place for advice or to be linked to a local gaming group in your area.

In this game your army is divided into something called "Posses".  Each posse has a single boss character which then determines who/what can be added in the slots of his posse.  Every boss has 2 potential posses: a thematic one (which usually provides some bonuses) and a basic one.  The deadly 7 thematic posse, while containing some really strong characters, has very limited customizability (you can only select from the 7 named characters).  This means that the 2 robot hounds can't be used.  For the basic posse, you need hand units which the attack dogs count as, so if you really like attack dogs you can incorporate them that way.  The last way to improve your army is by adding additional posses.  You can have as many posses fielded at once as you like (bosses are expensive point-wise though so you probably won't be able to use too many) and so you can use an additional posse that can make use of the attack dogs.  Honestly though, the deadly 7 already takes up a large number of points so you have a rather standard sized army right out of the box and don't need to worry about buying any new models at the moment.

If you have the deadly 7 plus Rules & Gubbin combo set ignore this paragraph.  You can buy a Rules & Gubbin set, but the printed rules are already outdated and both the AP deck and Action deck are available online if you want to print them yourself.  The only things missing are 10sided dice, the AOE template, and a ruler.  If you do want the official Gubbin set (which is nice and I do recommend getting if you like the game) it is usually a better deal to buy it attached to a second posse or via the Red Oak starter set.  You can buy both decks for £12, the rules and gubbin set for £20, the red oak starter set (highly recommended) for £35, or a separate posse & rules/gubbins for £50.  The red oak comes with everything in the gubbin set plus a second boss and a couple other outlaw units (including gun dogs, attack dogs, and motorcycles) which is a great way to add to your current posse for larger battles.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.  We are always happy to see new people getting into the same hobby as us.

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