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Stonewall and Scouts

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Hi, after looking through the rules, I’ve determined three things about confederates:

-Rebel Scouts are awesome as objective grabbers, holders, and killers.

-Stonewall Jackson isn’t.

-The only way to take Rebel Scouts is through Stonewall Jackson’s Posse.

Ive had a few practice games with Stonewall, without much luck in using him effectively. Has anyone found a way to make him worth his points in a game?


-edit- never mind, I’ve seen the new preorder for Dixie Resurrection, Annabelle is Stonewall but better in every way! Enlightened, but I can still take Scouts as option 6.

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I've found stonewall to be completely lackluster in comparison to most of the other bosses. He reads good on paper, but not in application. Rebel scouts can be good, but I just find that they're to easy to gunline or melt down with most of the factions having obscene firepower.

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