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Escort accompaniment restriction?

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so I was just thinking, accompaniment rules say you may only take one of the options (cruisers or escorts) (frigates or escorts) ect.    

but when you have the option of 1-3 say zenian league escorts, do they all have to be the same type of escort?   could you, for example take 2 sirens, and 1 buckler?

i'm thinking the answer is likely no, but if so why not?  I can't think of any game breaking combos, the strongest one I listed above, 1-2 more AD with likely +1 to hit, for 65 points

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I'm going to throw this down here- page 31, core rules


Which models may accompany a vessel will be listed, along with the base cost of each model. Even if several different options are listed, a model can only choose one Squadron to accompany it

While there's no point where the rules specifically tell you you cannot take say a cruiser squadron of three Isonades and a Ladon, the way  the squad minimums and maximums in the profiles are written implies that the squad is chosen by ship type, filled out with that ship type, and then exceptions might be applied. If accompaniments are bought as squadrons with modified sizes, then no. The process would be pick the squadron type from all possible Escort types, then fill out that squadron, and then count it as part of the lead ship's squadron.


As for a why not, I agree that it probably wouldn't be gamebreaking, yeah? But it would also be that much more to keep track of. Now I know Terran players will yell at me because it just plain doesn't happen, I know the Terran Heavy doesn't mesh with their standard Cruisers, but there's an entirely possible squad of two Cruisers led by a Heavy and accompanied by a Shield Cruiser. That's three ship types in one squad, and though the Heavy contributes to this by not being a team player, you've got to imagine how awkward that squad could be even if the Heavy meshed well with its standard counterparts. Three different weapon loadouts, three different defensive profiles... There's nothing broken about it, but its just that much more of a hassle, particularly when one of the big recurring complaints about FSA is the math of linking, and when taken in context I think there's a reason why with this exception you don't see a bunch of squads able to take more than two varieties of ship. This is of course just my thoughts on the topic- I was surprised not to see something in the FAQ about squads of the same class but different profiles, but hey, I guess that didn't really get to come up until System Wars and Taskforce added some alternatives.

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