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Confederate Help

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My local shop is running a gunslinger in a couple weeks and it starts off at 700 points. This past Friday I played my first game of WWE, and am currently running confederates. My list contained

Stonewall Jackson

Belle Wilson

Tobias Franklyn

Dixie Snipers x3

My opponent used the Wayard Eights :

Marcus Wayward

Zarelda Kincade

Hicks Kincade

Jake Matia

He completely destroyed my crew and just ran amok on the board. Even though this was my first WWE game, I've been tabletop gaming for 15 years and this battle seemed very unbalanced to me. Essentially Marcus Wayward and Jake Matia killed everything they shot at, while the best I could manage was to was make Hicks and Zarelda disordered. Barring some rough die rolls, it felt like the only person on my team who did anything was Tobias, but even then, between the constant cover/mettle/hunkering down, felt like shooting at Marcus and Jake was a waste of time due to insanely high grits, while they just dismantled me. Any thoughts?

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Power in this game is usually based on how strong their gun is and how tough their grit (and defensive rules) are rather than how good their other numeric stats are.  The stats help, but guns are more important

Stonewall's posse is quite strong but stonewall himself is ineffectual as heck.  He has inspirational and rebel yell so you want to keep him in the back to cheerlead, but none of his weapons have decent range so he just sits there twiddling his thumbs.  Even if he gets in range to hit someone he has low ROA, PRC, and Aim/fight stats.  Marcus has some similar issues, but the fact that he has a PRC 4 weapon MORE than makes up for it.  

Belle is another weak offensive unit.  ROA 1 PRC 2 is just disappointing.  18" range is nice but without deadeye you can only really shoot at whoever is closest (thanks to target priority).  The dixie snipers are a nice addition, but their offense is a function of how many models are left, so the more of them that die, the weaker they become.  Shroud is not nearly as strong defensively as you would hope it would be, but deadeye is great because you can actually choose how to direct their firepower.  Rebel yell can make your hand unit have limit 3 which is nice if you have extra fortune make use of it but often you will not have the AP to spend to actually reach limit 3.

Lastly there is Tobias.  Tobias is a really good unit.  Teamwork means that you can trigger 2 faces back to back to hopefully finish off someone before they have a chance to activate (and remove disordered), lethal ROA 2 PRC3 weapon means he has the firepower to back it up, and he has ok stats to fall back on.  Sic 'Em gets stronger the more dogs you have.  Bring a couple gun dogs with gattling guns and you will see how effective it can be.  Best of all, Sic 'Em gives the dogs teamwork so you can activate a face near tobias, which activates tobias, which then activates the dogs all before they have a chance to react.  

As for the other units in the posse they are all above average: Jefford (like the opponent's Jake) can not move and fire his gattling gun in the same round because it is heavy (he does have the pistol for when he moves, but it is short range), but once he gets some high ground and starts unloading ROA 4, PRC2 with 15" range will go to work.  Ignore his murderous rule! You don't want people getting within engaged range of him. The terminator has unstoppable which means it can move and fire in the same round and has a great offense though he is pretty slow so it will take awhile for him to get there.  Grit 7 and durable means he has a good defense but the lack of mettle means 1 bad roll will end him.  If you keep him in cover he should hold out pretty well.  The K9s are surprisingly useful.  With rapid they charge 10" and get 2 attacks then you can spend 2 AP and get another 2 attacks per dog.  With Sic 'Em all 4 attacks will be focused and a total aim of 7 means an 80% chance of hitting each time (also cover does not apply to melee).  If their target tries to run you get back stab on them which means even more hits and the engaged modifier means a -4 to anyone trying to shoot your dogs while they are in combat (plus nat1s hit their ally instead of the dog).  One of the strongest options with them is to throw a smoke bomb at the opponent's boss (which automatically disorders them) and then have your dogs charge them the next chance they get.  The dogs will be shrouded which means more rerolls which means more nat 1s which means even more hits on their boss (assuming the dogs don't kill them outright).  The only problems is getting someone with a smoke bomb close enough and the dogs will be disordered so you only have action limit 1.


As you play the gunslinger league and add more units check out Ben Hamilton (mid range ROA2 unit, but decent), Slayn (stone cold killer will give you a ton of AP if you fire on hands units), The wraith (currently being reprinted, but maybe you can find one online or in store?) and Jake from the wayward 8.  Once you can swap out your boss that might be a good idea as well.  One last thing to note: warcraddle said on this forum that the attack K9s are meant to count as confederate because otherwise this posse doesn't work (K9s were the hands unit) but as of now it is not printed on their stat card.  I do not know what the legal situation is for tournaments at the moment and what the situation is for gun dogs.  Either way they can be added with Sic 'Em (on either tobias or ben).  

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